S4, E7: Danny Elfman / Looking Forward to Halloween 2021

The Ghoul Mates talk about one of the spookiest musicians and talk about their Halloween 2021 plans.

Vinyl Record of Batman 1989 Film Score by Danny Elfman

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Ghoulster 0:01

Welcome Spooky Ghoulsters to the Halloween Podcast that keeps the spirit of Halloween alive, all year, through pop culture and nostalgia! And now, it's love at first right...with The Ghoul Mates!

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:17

Hey ghoulsters Welcome back to The Ghoul Mates. Today we are covering another Patreon requested topic. We mentioned his name so often but he never quite gets the full focus he deserves. So today we are talking all about Danny Elfman. But before that, let's get into some tombstone trivia.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:36

Okay, spooky ghoul in Beetlejuice. What blue slash green color does otho suggest to paint the walls?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:50


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:53

the color open?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:54

Yeah, no, no. I don't even know if I said that. Right.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:57

When you said oh boy that you spent. I bet you got also

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:01

Yeah, no, I know. I get that from I don't know. Okay.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:05

What is it? A meridian.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:08

Okay, that was way off. I don't even know. I remember when you

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:11

said that. I don't even know what that looks like. That's

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:12

why Okay, hold on. I want to Google that. Because I'm like, Is that why I'm thinking of that opal color that I don't even know. Maybe nailing it right. variaty veridian

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:23

I don't even know what that looks like. What is it is apparently it's green. Blue Green.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:29

Oh, blue green lights. I get those accent Cutler.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:33

There we go.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:35

Okay, are you ready for yours?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:37

I am ready.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:39

Okay. And Edward says your hands Mr. Boggs gives Edward a glass of alcohol to calm his nerves. What does he tell Edward that the drink is?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:52

apple juice.