S4, E7: Danny Elfman / Looking Forward to Halloween 2021

The Ghoul Mates talk about one of the spookiest musicians and talk about their Halloween 2021 plans.

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Ghoulster 0:01

Welcome Spooky Ghoulsters to the Halloween Podcast that keeps the spirit of Halloween alive, all year, through pop culture and nostalgia! And now, it's love at first right...with The Ghoul Mates!

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:17

Hey ghoulsters Welcome back to The Ghoul Mates. Today we are covering another Patreon requested topic. We mentioned his name so often but he never quite gets the full focus he deserves. So today we are talking all about Danny Elfman. But before that, let's get into some tombstone trivia.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:36

Okay, spooky ghoul in Beetlejuice. What blue slash green color does otho suggest to paint the walls?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:50


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:53

the color open?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:54

Yeah, no, no. I don't even know if I said that. Right.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:57

When you said oh boy that you spent. I bet you got also

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:01

Yeah, no, I know. I get that from I don't know. Okay.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:05

What is it? A meridian.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:08

Okay, that was way off. I don't even know. I remember when you

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:11

said that. I don't even know what that looks like. That's

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:12

why Okay, hold on. I want to Google that. Because I'm like, Is that why I'm thinking of that opal color that I don't even know. Maybe nailing it right. variaty veridian

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:23

I don't even know what that looks like. What is it is apparently it's green. Blue Green.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:29

Oh, blue green lights. I get those accent Cutler.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:33

There we go.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:35

Okay, are you ready for yours?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:37

I am ready.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:39

Okay. And Edward says your hands Mr. Boggs gives Edward a glass of alcohol to calm his nerves. What does he tell Edward that the drink is?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:52

apple juice.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:54

Wrong. What is it? lemonade?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:57

That's right. Yes. lemonade. Geez. Here. These are good questions.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:01

I bet a bunch of you were screaming the answer out loud while you were listening to

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:07

the master of ceremonies anymore guys retiring.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:12

No, I mean, well, we both got those wrong, right. Shame on us. Right. Shout out to our familia for getting some Danny Elfman themed questions? Yes. Thank

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:21

you very much.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:22

Okay, some haunted housekeeping. First of all, thank you guys so much, because we hit our first little button major milestone on YouTube, we got 100 subscribers. So thank you so much, because we have some awesome things planned for you guys this year. And we're so excited. I know, we keep saying that. But this time, I promise it's happening. We're taking steps we're so close to being like, having a full workflow.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:52

I got a new camera. Yeah, it'd be awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:55

Yes. And on that note, we actually wanted to do an all call for ghoulsters. We do have some really cool surprises coming up on YouTube. And there might be an opportunity for a few of you to be featured in some upcoming videos in the future. So if you're interested, and that means like any where there might be an opportunity even for our Uk ghoulsters. So if you would be interested in being in any of our projects, send us an email at ghoulster mail@gmail.com. And let us know that you'd like to put your name in the ring. For any future opportunities to be featured in our projects, let us know ghoulster mail@gmail.com

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 3:38

Yes. Before we go into the rest of the show, I wanted to bring something up. We had talked about it in one of our pre shows. And I misspoke about sexual preference. That's I misspoke by saying that. And we talked about how actors house it's hard for them to you know play the character that's like a big eight or just like someone that's really mean again, that's against, you know, the LGBT community or people of color. And I misspoke by saying sexual preference and it's actually sexual orientation. And I want to just make that correction to let people know that you know, we are conscious about all these, you know, issues and you know, we're very inclusive at the soulmates and, you know, I just want to clear that up and let you guys know that we love all of you and you know, we welcome everyone to our community,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 4:36

that's for sure. Peace, love, not horror, quality. All right, boo. How are you keeping the spook alive?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 4:46

Actually, we, we went out for the first time we've been kind of clearing out the apartment so we can get ready to decorate it more and you know, make it more spooky for you know, our ghoulsters so we can shoot different things. And we kind of clear that a lot of clutter and I took some guitars to our local record stores zero records, because they take trade ins. I've been this like guitar I've had. It's been in like my position since like high school because my parents got it. For me. It's like I learned how to play guitar. I thought that my Viola teachings would try to guess art and it did it. And I just never learned how to play guitar, even though I had one. So I took it in. I got some credit, and Mandy and I got some records. And I found or she actually found a really, I'm not going to give it away because I want to do a video on it. But a really cool soundtrack. And I just like went crazy when she found it. So find some cool records. I did actually see that waxworks, this I think it's an Austin bass. vinyl record company. They came out with a vinyl for the soundtrack for Alice sweet Alice. And I've never seen it. But I've seen like the the main character feature in a lot of places. I'm like, What is that? And this is like horror movie from like the 70s starring. I think it's Brooke Shields when she's super young. And the vinyl looks crazy, because like the she's a killer. And like the killer wears like a yellow raincoat and a mask, like a regular color mask. But the vinyl is like yellow and it has like blood splatter all around it. It's so cool. And the artwork is really cool. So I really want to get it. But I just it's really cool. So I just been kind of doing the whole vinyl thing. Just watching movies ready to watch coming to America. I haven't seen it yet. But yeah, that's it. What about you?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 6:52

Well, I really enjoyed our trip to Zia. We actually hadn't been out of the apartment for outside of essential, right, yeah, months. So we were like in a really good mood. And I actually found something really cool too, that I'm waiting to share, because we're trying to plan to do a haul video for you guys. And I squealed inside of the store. I was like, Oh my god, I don't care how much he costs. I'm getting it. Oh, yeah. So you guys are gonna love it. I just know that you guys are gonna go crazy over it. And then also we wrapped up one division, right? Which is extra magical thanks to Agatha. And of course, Wanda witchy self. So if you guys want to hear our thoughts on that, you can listen to more of it in our pre show on Patreon and it's called Just Between Us ghouls, right? I'm featuring El Gato. Yes, familiar is in that show. And I'm pretty sure he makes that show because I'm sure you guys are hearing from Yeah. That's I think that's it, we've been kind of,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 8:00

well, I did have that one thing to that small gig. Yesterday or this weekend. I got with this influencer. And I did some photos for her. Oh, here we go. This cutie pie. She's like, I need to find some palm trees. And I need some photos stat. I'm like, hold my beer. So we did some photos with you. That was really fun because we got to get outside in the fresh air. And then nobody was around us because it was empty at the place we went to. So that was fun.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 8:34

It was just like such a great day. Like it was a very great spooky spring day because I love spring in Arizona. It's my favorite time of the year here. And we were I think for me, it was just like extra enjoyable because you're always kind of like impatient with me when it comes to photos. Because I'm pretty particular with everything else. But I think Rudy was just so happy to be outdoors too. Right? He was like let's drive around. Let's find the right setting. There was like an hour long line at Dutch Bros. Yeah, I really wanted my lavender drink and he was like, let's drive around and then we'll come back and see if the lines shorter. He's just so patient with me. So now I know we just got to keep you indoors for three months and then go out and have a day to do

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 9:22

like a year. Yeah, it's funny cuz we got to get froze because they had lifted some of the like mandates for COVID here in Arizona. So everybody's going crazy. Go into places but but thing I did like is everybody's still respecting like the mask. Yeah. And that was relieving. And like there was tons of cars at Dutch Bros. And I was like, let's just come back. And sure enough, like the lot like there was people also waiting in line to get Dutch Bros. But it subsided when we got back in. A lot of people complimented my attire because I had a Jason shirt and mask. Mm hmm. And they're like, Oh, it's a cool shirt. And notice I was like, Thank you But there was like a couple

Ghost Hostess Mandy 10:01

of your I'm probably cool mate.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 10:05

Can my little face but it was funny because we were in line and there was this couple people in front of me and they were getting attacked by bees. I didn't tell you about this. No, you did it. But there's like tons of bees and they were like freaking out these girls. So they were like standing far away, but they were in line. And I was like, like, it's gonna be okay. Just don't bother them and they won't bother you and stuff. And then I it was my turn. There was like tons of bees and like the guy that was helping me Give me my getting my order is like, Oh, yeah, I get stung all the time. I was like, Oh, snap. He's like, yeah, this is it's part of the job. And he said, it's not that just that location. It's like every location has a bee problem. Why? Because of the sugar that they use. That's so crazy, though. Yeah, he's telling me He's like, Oh, yeah, I've gotten stung. Like couple of times. It's part of the job. I'm like, Oh, shit.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 10:57

Yeah, that's crazy. It is not fun. Have you been stung before?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 11:01

Yeah, I've been stung like maybe two or three times. But one of them was. There's one that was really funny. Because I was at. I was in school at university when I was going to school, and I was rushing for my fraternity. And there was a bee that kept on bothering us. And I had flip flops on and I took it off and I hit the bee. But it cut the bee in half when I hit it, and the stinger part, flew straight into my foot.

Unknown Speaker 11:30

Oh my gosh.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 11:33

So I had half of bees sticking into me, but it was like the stinger part. And like my foot, like swelled up and stuff. But now I just don't mess with bees. I just leave them alone. And like, if you mess with them, they're gonna get mad.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 11:44

Yeah. So yeah, that's crazy, because I've been only stung once. And kind of something similar happened to me. Because the bee wasn't bothering me. I didn't know it was a bee. Right? But I was like standing outside and I felt something around my calf. And I thought it was a bug. So I swatted it with my hand. And I threw it into me. So that's crazy. similar experiences. I'm just shocked that you actually tried hitting the Wii cuz you never want to, like kill fighters. Well, this

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 12:16

was before all that. Yeah, we want to tell audience about the spider story in our apartment.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 12:24

This is definitely spooky. And I think Chelsea if you're listening, you're gonna love this story. Do you want to tell it? Or do you know Utah? Okay, so at our last apartment complex, there was like a major spider problem. And our patio was like really nice, because literally like our outside yard was a lake like we lived on a lake, right? And so on our patio, we could just walk outside of the patio to a lake. And because of that there were a lot of spiders, like literally like tons of spiders. So I told Rudy, like, we need to kill them. Like we have a problem, we need to kill them. So he took a day to literally move the spiders from our patio ceiling, or roof to the palm tree that was like five feet away from our patio, because he didn't want to kill them. And then what happened?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 13:11

Yeah, they grew like this massiveness on this, like, it wasn't a palm tree was like a little bush. Yeah. And it just like, envelop the whole bush. And it's like almost a white. So there was a shit ton of Daddy Long Legs, in that bush is because, like, at some point, like I started feeling bad for animals and stuff. And if there's a bug inside, like, it's, it doesn't like take much to just pick it up and take it outside. And I thought that I could do that spider. There was because there was a, we had like, our ceiling we had, like, I guess like wood panels. And they were like, you know, getting in there and making like these massive like, nests. And then they would have like babies. Yeah, so I moved all the babies and all the spiders to this little plant. And it just like grew out of control. And I was like, I feel bad. But we have to like control the spiders because they're gonna like, you know, start moving to the other apartments. So I had to tell the apartments and they ended up like killing all the spiders and stuff. But yeah, if there's like a bug that I know is not going to replicate like crazy. I'll try to move it outside. Like, I'll try to go like, catch him off. And like take it outside, whatever. The only insect that I will always kill our mosquitoes. Because they're vampires. And they're annoying because they're always like, like, around your ear. Yeah, when you're trying to sleep. And you never fucking find them. But I hate mosquitoes those the only animals that I don't care about. But yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:45

I like love vampires reference. Yeah. So yeah, that's us in a nutshell. I feel bad for Dutch Bros employees now.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 14:54

Yeah, um, since this is for you, Dutch Bros.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:59

Alright, Was that it for how we're keeping this alive? I

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:02

think so. Yeah. James, buy me a drink.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:05

buy you a Dutch Bros next weekend. It's a date. Okay. So I guess on to Danny Elfman, we go back when we covered I believe Beetlejuice in season two, one of our ghoulsters. Liz requested this episode and we are here two seasons later to deliver a Danny Elfman episode. So this one goes out to you, Liz. Danny Elfman is a native of Los Angeles born on May 29 1953. Do you want to guess how much he's worth Rudy?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:38

$1 million, 1 million,

not just those my Austin Powers reference. That was pretty terrible. Apparently.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:47

I haven't watched it in a really long time. He is now worth $50 million. I don't even really know on a scale of like fame. How high that is. But I'm assuming high because he's got a lot of music out there. Yeah. I

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 16:00

mean, if I had a million dollars, I would consider myself famous. A million. We could only

Ghost Hostess Mandy 16:09

dream right? No. Okay. So he traveled the world as a young man absorbing into musical diversity and in 1979 he helped found guess which band lingo Boingo that's right so I have a few more notes on the rest of Danny's career but why don't you tell them a bit about winning go blancos history before I continue.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 16:32

Sure. Full disclosure. I'm not I don't know a ton about going go Boingo. I was actually saying it wrong for a long time until I read it. I was like oh, it's going go by and go. What did you call it? Bingo. Bingo. It was more of a G it's kind of leaving out the end a little bit.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 16:51

Boy go boy go Yeah. Oh, I never noticed that.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 16:54

Yeah, so going go boy and go. Anyway, so he had put together like these ideas for a surrealist musical theater trope called the mystic knights of oil go Boingo, which later would lead to the new wave band Oingo Boingo. I thought that was pretty cool. They were known for having a high energy live concert experimental music mixture of ska and punk and pop and world music. It was just very experimental in the 80s everybody's just like doing different things. You know, a lot of that bled into the 90s too. But yeah, their sound is just kind of very 80s but it's just like very it's it's all over the place, kind of almost like the Beatles, like their later stuff. It gets very experimental. Some of their biggest hits, only a lad. Dead Man's party. I love that song. And of course, my favorite song Weird Science, which is funny because Danny Elfman hates that song for apparently. But I love that song. Like every time I hear it, like I get transported into the 80s. And thinking about like growing up in the 80s and stuff.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 18:10

It's one of your favorite movies, right?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 18:12

Yeah, I love that movie. It's it's hilarious. I'm in the mid 80s, the band started sounded more like Poppy. So just like more pop and stuff and getting, I guess, mainstream, I guess you'd call it. And, you know, Danny Elfman didn't like that. He didn't like that. They were starting to, like, incorporate more of the stuff that's happening in the 80s. And he I guess he felt like he was selling out. I think all artists get to that point where they feel like they're selling out and stuff.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 18:44

Well, I think I heard that he like didn't enjoy playing it live because it was so like, tech. Tech. Oh my gosh, like technology helped with it. Yeah, dance beats.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 18:54

Yeah, exactly. What the sentence stuff like that. So in a sense, Yeah, I know. Like, I kind of get that too. I feel that way with like, taking pictures with my cell phone. Because the phones doing all the work. Oh, yes. That's a really good analogy. And I'm just like, I don't know cuz like, I'll post the photo and it looks really good and stuff. I'm like, I didn't do any work. And I don't feel like ownership of that, but that's just me, and I'm pretty sure he felt the same way. Um, where else what else we got here? Um, yeah, he didn't like to play the music live because I guess he just there's no soul in it, maybe. But it's still like an instrument, you know? So in 1994 they did an all rock album called Bongo, and the only difference is that they remove their keyboardist their their synth in their horn section, and they named renamed the band Boingo. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Unknown Speaker 19:49

Mm hmm.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 19:51

The next year on Halloween 1995. The band played a failed war Farewell farewell concert. And they brought back the horn section and changed her name back to oil and go Boingo. You know, the band is not together anymore. And you know, if anybody hopes for them to get back together, it's probably not going to happen. denley has openly said that the band will never re unite because they're, they're all having problem, like hearing problems and they can't like continue to damage their hearing just to do some live concerts, which is sad. And I think, you know, a lot of musicians kind of go through that and it sucks, you know, because, yeah, you know, they would suck for me if my eyesight started going and I can't create images anymore. Yeah, I would be devastated. Unless I'm a millionaire. Unless I have $50 million, then I'll be like, that's fine. But that's the information I have for the ban on go Boingo and the Danny Elfman era of his pop career, I guess, or his his band career

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:02

is? Well, yeah,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 21:04

I guess so. His band his band. Yeah, it was crazy band era. And I always liked Danny Elfman because of the Batman soundtrack. But I never knew that he was part of jungle boy and go until like, I was in college.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:16

I didn't know until you told me Yeah, a few months ago, when we started covering I think

Unknown Speaker 21:20

when we first mentioned on the podcast, like the composer from Batman was an uncle boy, I didn't know that. That's crazy. Yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:26

It's pretty crazy how it's cool, though. He is. Yeah, he's

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 21:29

pretty badass.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:30

Yes, he is. So jumping back into Danny Elfman. His personal career during that time in the 80s, when he grew creatively frustrated creating pop music, Tim Burton asked him to write the score for Pee Wee's big adventure. At first he thought Tim Burton just wanted a song. But after meeting with the producers, they were interested in an entire score. So it was something that he had never done before. But he still went home to record a demo and sent it back to Tim Burton. And then he didn't expect to get the job. But he obviously did, which pretty much launched his solo career and ended up working perfectly because the film scores gave him a creative outlet that he wasn't getting through angle Boingo anymore in the 80s.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 22:15

I think that maybe scores because like, he wanted to have that theater trope, and it's, you know, pretty much like, you know, stories, like it's, it's a play, and he's going to do the music for it. So maybe he already had that. And I was about to ask you, I wonder what Tim Burton saw in his music that led him to be like, you know what, I need him to do my score.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 22:40

Yeah, that's a good question.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 22:41

I hadn't connected that theater thing. And maybe he knew about all the theater stuff that he wanted to do early on with the Knights of BINGO, BINGO. Yeah, he's like, you know, what, I want him to do my score. So I always wondered why, like, how we transition to that, like, I think, you know, like other, you know, composers like Hans Zimmer and stuff like that. I think they just, you know, got into it. And they've always done it. So I it's just crazy that this guy that was an, you know, an 80s band, you know, has, you know, contributed to all these like, like, epic soundtracks, you know, yeah. So, I think that his early stuff that he wanted to do with this band, kind of, you know, transitioned easily for him when he did the scores.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:27

Yeah, definitely. I hadn't really connected that whole theater. Like his original work was for theater. But I don't know. It's just crazy to me to how like Tim Burton heard. I'm assuming what he heard was angle Boingo right to think like, Oh, this would be great for right would be so good at doing a film score. I

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 23:48

don't know. It's just crazy. Whatever originally. Tim Bernal when it prints to do the whole Batman score. Oh, his stuff.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:57

Yeah, well, peewee. It started with peewee. Yeah, true. Um, yeah, I don't know. It's crazy. I just think like, of all the things that Tim Burton has given us, Elfman is the best thing he gave us. Because like, we wouldn't have all of them amazing music we have without that.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 24:13

That's true. Like, I think that the music is the soul of all of Tim Burton stuff. Because like what like if you close your eyes, and you weren't able to see like the movie, you would know it was a Tim Burton movie because of Danny Elfman music. Yes, because it's very unique. It's not like anything you really hear from any other composer.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 24:35

Yeah, I agree. And and they kind of go hand in hand. Oh, yeah. You hear the music and you see Tim Burton, you see Tim Burton, and in your head, you hear? Yeah, you can hear Danny Elfman. Yeah, so when Beetlejuice came along, Alvin was surprised at his work that it was like so successful with Pee Wee's big adventure that he decided to just have fun on the score because he was like, Oh, well It was well received. I'm not going to stress this time. And then in a 2017 interview, Danny Elfman stated that Batman was the most difficult experience he ever had. Because at that point, he had only done comedies and nobody wanted him on the film except for Tim Burton. But we all know Tim Burton is a loyal dude. So Danny Elfman, unless you're a writer. I know right? Female

Unknown Speaker 25:27

sorry, sick version.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:30

So Danny ultimate was still pretty new to the scene, and he had no idea how to present his work to other producers. And he could tell the film producers were not biting on his demos. So then Tim Burton suggested playing the March or a segment of the now known Batman theme, and the producers were hooked. So then creators also added a session at the end of Batman to create one of your favorites again, the theme for Tales of the crypt. Oh, yeah. Yeah, and that didn't take long for him to create either. So Danny Elfman went on to produce the Simpsons theme. And then after attending a meeting with Matt graining, the creator of The Simpsons, Danny Elfman wrote the music in his head on his drive home, recorded it at his home studio, recorded the demo and sent it out the next day, which was approved right away. And that pretty much happened all within a day.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 26:25

You know, there's a scene in The Simpsons intro where Homer is driving home. I wonder if they took inspiration from Danny Elfman driving home and thinking about the score for the Simpsons. Is

Ghost Hostess Mandy 26:37

that like in the intro, I don't watch the Simpsons. Oh, yeah, that would be cool.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 26:41

might be.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 26:43

That's interest. I wouldn't doubt it. So he's actually gone on to joke that singing those three notes. The Simpsons has made him rich because he continues to earn royalties on during Yep. And so working on Edward Scissorhands was the opposite of Batman, because he claimed it was one of the simplest and purest experiences he ever had. It was just him and Tim Burton and anything Danny Elfman came up with Tim Burton liked, right Easy peasy, not too many cooks in the kitchen. And then the ghoulster favorite came Nightmare Before Christmas. And that one was another challenge since neither Tim Burton or Danny Elfman had an idea on how to start a musical. And we talked about this more in our ready to retro crossover episodes that the songs were created before the script was completed. So Danny Elfman went off sketches and the story that Tim Burton provided and he took about three days for each song and then he recorded all his songs and voices in one night at the studio, and then just pulling from like our past research. During that time, he really resonated with Jack's character because it was how he felt when he was doing the whole angle Boingo touring thing. He felt kind of alone and isolated, even though he was surrounded by tons of people. And one of the strangest ways Danny Elfman got a job was to create the men in black score.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 28:14

So he was the Will Smith one. Yep. Like he did. No, he did the one with Paul Smith. Where is the man and he did that one. No, Dean K.

Unknown Speaker 28:28

So anyway,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 28:30

just be funny. Seeing like Danny Elfman doing the dance moves for Will Smith's music video.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:36

I could picture him doing it. Honestly. He's a cool dude. He's

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 28:38

pretty cool.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:40

So though it was strange how he got that job because he was at the studio, and he just like wandered into the set of men and black to watch a scene. And on his way home, his agent called into it, they wanted him to create a score for the movie. So since then, he's gone on to compose more film scores for a long list of spooky movies, including one of Rudy's favorites The Frighteners? Well, yeah,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 29:04

let's go with it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 29:04

I still haven't seen it. Of course, he's done Sleepy Hollow, which we just covered. Dark Shadows, Corpse Bride, frankenweenie, and goosebumps. And I do want to mention that most recently, he did write a song called Love in the time of COVID. And there is a music video out there. It's honestly not my cup of tea. It's very experimental. music video was interesting.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 29:30

I need to see that I haven't seen it. It's like I like augur. I like experimental stuff. So

Ghost Hostess Mandy 29:36

you do I think you might enjoy it. And what else I did want to say, though, that if there was like, a celebrity out there, that would get along perfectly with us. Yeah, it would be Danny Elfman, because he's not just spooky, like he's done some really eclectic things like pop culture and nerdy stuff. That I was really surprised to find out about this. Like, wow, he's just like us. He's like, super spooky, but he also loves all the nerdy stuff. So he's done Justice League, the Avengers, Dumbo scrooged flubber Terminator, Spider Man, the Grinch. I could go on forever. But my favorite surprise was not just one but the entire 50 Shades of Grey series.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 30:23

Oh, yeah. Yeah, you I know you said that. And I was like, What? I didn't know he did that. That's crazy. Yeah,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 30:29

it's crazy. And can I just say that 50 shades musical not musical festival needs to happen because Danny Elfman, the weekend, Ellie Golding, and Beyonce, that's a lineup. I'd pay big money.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 30:43

Yeah, I'm pausing. I think it was like, a year or two ago before COVID. at Coachella they had Hans Zimmer do all his pieces. Oh, yeah. Remember, we watched that live? Yeah, we also do see Danny Elfman at Coachella doing his stuff or at a big Music Festival.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:02

That would be like, spooky people every Yeah. But it makes me sad, because I'm guessing he probably wouldn't do it. That's right. angle, but that would be so cool. Right? And let's see. And I actually what I really love about him is I love when people want to continue to learn even once they've mastered something. And so he in an unpublished interview, actually that like they've never released the full interview that talked a lot. He talked a lot about. What's it called, like, how he felt about the 80s music, and all of that. And in that interview, he actually said, I usually look for stuff that will really interest me or maybe a style of music that I haven't written before. I try not to keep repeating myself. So obviously, you haven't seen my name in any action movies for a while. And this was done like right after his whole, like Batman era. Right? Um, so that's kind of why he has such a wide range of work because he purposely tries to keep a shelf. No, yeah.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:04

Yeah, it was crazy. I don't know. So Justice League is coming out soon. In in the original one. You know, he did the score, which was awesome. But I think it was, somebody else was doing it. I forgot who was doing it. But now they're restoring the original composers. stuff. So I don't know if Daniel is going to be in this one, the Zack Snyder Justice League. But I remember watching the Justice League, the old one, the original one and that was like, probably the only part that I loved about the movie is hearing Danny Elfman score part of his score right in the scene with Ben Affleck's Batman. Oh, and I was like, chills down my spine. Because like you like it brought back a lot of memories, because you haven't heard that since Michael Keaton and it seen it with, you know, a new Batman. That was awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:57

I remember you telling me that when we saw it.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:59

Yeah. And it wasn't like the full like, song. It was just like one little piece of the song that they inserted into the theme song. Right?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:06

It was awesome. That is awesome. I'm not gonna lie. I would have loved to have found out that he did the Wonder Woman.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:13

Oh, yeah. Just cuz like

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:14

it's so catchy. Dude.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:20

Any time a woman is scoring, that's the song they hear in their head and they go you know, conquer all Yes. That's a good song. It's a very good song. Um,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:31

yeah. I don't know. I feel like I want to go back and watch Justice League again, just to hear that entire soundtrack that Danny Elfman did or film score.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:39


Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:41

All right, well, then I guess it's time for its frickin backs. I know what I'm doing isn't normal because we usually do it more reviewing the movie, but I thought I'd change things up because Danny Elfman his work, you're familiar with it. So what would you say is your favorite bat? tastic? Number one Danny Elfman piece.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:05

Ooh, um, I would have to say it. Like I would say it's a toss up between Batman in Weird Science. But it's gonna be Batman, because Batman score is so iconic. Like anytime you hear, you know, it's Batman and stuff, and maybe not everybody would hear that. Well, it does say Weird Science in the song, but I don't think everybody's seen Weird Science.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:30


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:30

So I would say Batman for sure. Just like, you know, it's just so iconic. And then when you saw it in, you know, Justice League, like I said earlier, like it's just blows. I just love that score.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:42

Do you think that maybe you're a little less partial to Weird Science because you broke your heart that he doesn't love it? No,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:49

I don't think so. I mean, it's it's a bummer that he doesn't like it. But I don't know. I know that there's a lot of artists that don't like some of this stuff that they are known for. But people love it. And I just I don't know, I think he should just embrace, you know, Weird Science because it's just a it's a great song. But I don't know, I don't know what he was thinking when he was, you know, in his pop phase, he might have just not liked it and stuff like that. But like the horn section in the music and the synth, you know, it's still an instrument that's analog that you have to play.

Unknown Speaker 35:24


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:25

It's not like it's a pre recorded like, beat. You know? So,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:31

I don't know. Yeah, I get it. I think it's just one of those where sometimes, even though what you produce is still good, it's not something you like, maybe you weren't happy at that time in your life. So you associated to that. And I feel like that's just kind of what it was for him. Like it wasn't a time that he felt proud of everything he was doing. Right. Gotcha. Um,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:52

so what about you? What's your go to Danny Elfman song,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:57

honestly, after seeing his discography, is that how you say it discography saga, um, I feel like I have a lot to listen to still. But as of now, I would say it's I stance from Edward Scissorhands, right? Um, it's kind of like you said earlier, like the minute you hear it, you see that magical spook must seen from Edward Scissorhands, right? And he just like, puts me in a mood and makes my heart melt. Like it's just, that's it for me. And I will say that I of course, we're gonna start including our familiars pig. And I thought he was going to agree with me and he did. But he said that it was hard for him to choose because he would listen to movie soundtracks at work, and it was hard for him to choose between the two. On one hand, the eye stance gives him a lot of feels, but it's also so relaxing. It gets him teary eyed so it makes it a powerful song, and a song with no lyrics that can make you emotional like that is magic, and really get him. And then on the other hand, the Beetlejuice main titles have a spooky sound, but also super hokey. And it's a perfect setup for the movie and the daylight come and we want to go home T's in the beginning is chef's kisses.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 37:18

Remember that video is sent to the dog walking down the hall with that song?

Unknown Speaker 37:23

Oh, yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 37:25

There's a video going around with a little dog dancing to the song to the day. All

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 37:32

right. Yeah. And the I think the dog is a Chihuahua. It looks like Lolo. That's why I liked it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 37:37

Yeah, I agree with Oscars. Pick on Beetlejuice, too. That was hard for me.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 37:41

Yeah, Beetlejuice is pretty epic to just two great Michael Keaton performances. I say I would say

Ghost Hostess Mandy 37:52

I was trying to get I was like he was an Edward

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 37:54

Scissorhands. Oh, no.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 38:00

All right. So that kind of wraps up our Danny Elfman conversation, but we do have a little more time to go. Or at least we could if we wanted to. And master has requested a new segment. As you guys know, he loves to go off the cuff sometimes. And so he came up with an amazing idea that I actually really liked to have a new segment for him to do that. Colleen, Rudi goes off.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:30

Let's go guys jump in.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 38:32

No, no, no, no, if we're gonna do this, I need to hear your little car start like your little Jeep. Okay, so what are we talking about? Rudy?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:44

What is what did the girl say from Mean Girls get in,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 38:51

get a loser, we're going off road,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:53

loser, we're going off roading. See, something in the back of my head is weird. So everybody is kind of eagerly waiting for the vaccine to come out, right and get vaccinated and kind of go back to, you know, normal, or whatever normal is going to be in the future. And I know everybody's like, gonna want to go out for Halloween, you know, and if we go if we get vaccinated, and we go out, we're gonna try to be as safe as possible. What I think we're gonna end up going out if we can. So I want to know, what are you looking forward to, as far as going out for Halloween? And I actually want to know what everybody else is looking forward to if they're going to go out and you know, be safe. I want to know what our audience once is planning on doing and I want to know what you're planning on doing or we want to do

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:45

like for specifically Halloween day,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:48

typically how well Halloween as a whole so from Season Yeah, Halloween season.

Unknown Speaker 39:55


Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:55

that is such a hard question because it's everything. It's our first time. I'm embracing holloween the way we have like, I've mentioned this before, like, what kind of hit it away for so long, like we always did. holloween big, right? But I just feel like there's just I want to share everything we do with everyone, right? And I think I don't even know like, I'm looking forward to going haunted houses, right? And to what I'm most excited about is Halloween kills this year on it. Yeah. I'm just excited to go see that movie. I'm hoping we can go in theaters. Also doing our first costume with the ghoul meets. We do that last year, right. It's just everything and I can't wait to go dancing with you. I know. Like and have a drink? Yeah. And just I don't know. It's crazy. Like, I think now I appreciate so many things I took for granted. Yeah. What about you?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:51

I don't know. I mean, so they lifted some of the restrictions here in Arizona. So when I take out the dogs, you can already hear people going crazy. I heard I heard like two or three parties in our complex. I'm like, Oh, that's a good thing. But hopefully, you know, things get on the right track with the vaccine and stuff like that. But yeah, I mean, just kind of, you know, going to costume party, and dominating is what I'm looking forward to. Because we always go, you know, 100% 100%, we, you know, put our costumes together. So just going out there and people like, Oh, my God, look that costume. And people like come on complimenting our costumes and stuff.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:36

And then again, being like, were they

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:40

ever heard of it and like, and give out our cards. So just like expanding our gametes work repertoire, and like, you know, filming, like the costume that we're gonna eventually put together. Yeah, and like sharing that with you. I don't know what costume ideas do you have? I know that I have a few that probably are not realistic. And you probably you might not like, like, I would want to be Daft Punk. In honor of Daft Punk. And I've always wanted to do

Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:08

this on purpose. You're doing it so that our ghoulsters could be like Rudy's ideas. Awesome. And you guys should go with this is a trick. This was all a freaking trap. This was not

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 42:19

a trap. Well, what would you want to do? What What ideas do you have? What would your ideal let's get back to Halloween? costume B.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:28

Not a suit with a helmet.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 42:32

Leather. It will it's a leather and get up with a helmet. Well,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:37

I do have the pants. You're always making fun now. Um, I don't know. Honestly, I haven't started thinking about it. I do feel this like pressure that it has to be epic now, right is like gonna be a fail. But I really don't know. In my head. I want to do something magical and purple. So like a couples costume, right? I've said this before, but I've always leaned towards just buying like store made costumes because I'm not crafty like that. And we can't sew and we just don't have those skills. But I'm hoping that I don't know won't be able to pull something off. I really don't know off the top of my head. Like I had toyed with the idea. But I was kind of disappointed that her costume wasn't very purple. It was more mixed. Yeah. So I don't really know. Honestly,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:33

well, you could make your own Agatha costume and just be inspired by it. My own version. Yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 43:39

You know what I did like her

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:41

or look at the comic books. Maybe there's a she's

Unknown Speaker 43:44

an old lady. Hey,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:46

go crazy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 43:48

But I will say that I did really like her little plain witch costume in the car on Halloween. Yeah, that's pretty cute, too. I've always actually wanted to be a really cool witch and I've never done it right. Um, so maybe this might be the year that I do it. I don't know.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 44:03

Right? Maybe I'll do like a hybrid. Michael Scott costume. Oh, God, you know, I'll be both of Daft Punk. And like have a little head on my shoulder which is the other half of my significant other doesn't want to wear a helmet with me. I might have to whatever I do, I might enlist the help of Shelley Carver. Oh, yeah, your stuff is amazing. And I've seen some of her like tutorial videos or I don't know if they're tutorial but they're like, like she makes like the costume. And her stuff is awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 44:39

With her goal may wear her

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 44:41

with her goal met Yeah, her stuff is badass.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 44:43

Yeah, for sure. I definitely want to give her a shout out because actually FYI since we're doing off roading here. Shelley's The reason that I started combing my hair more and picking up my hair because I saw her videos on YouTube. And I was like she does such a great job of showing all her cute earrings and they Am I picking up my hair? So shout out to Shelly because she empowered me. Did you comb my hair? And show them?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:07

Is that why you had your hair up the other day with the new earrings with the purple ones with teeth?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:13

Yes, those

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:13

are awesome. Yeah,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:15

I don't know. Thank you. I don't know if you guys noticed, but like, I started picking up my hair to show my earrings more and that was all inspired by her. So check out her channel.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:24

Where where'd you get those earrings? Uh, the the teeth ones.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:27

Craft Sylvania.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:29

I remember when you showed them to me. I was like, Oh, those are cool. And I thought they're gonna be little. No.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:36

I could put them in my mouth. Yeah, I was like,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:37

Oh, snap. I was like, but they're still cool. And I was just like, Oh, shit. That's huge. But they look pretty cool. But I remember Selena had huge hoop earrings. Yes, yes.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:47

Statement earrings. I'm into it. So yeah, I

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:51

mean, what else are you looking forward to at Halloween? Halloween? Halloween. I'm actually looking forward to maybe possibly decorating our door and giving out candy that might be still a little early.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 46:06

I honestly don't think we there's no kids here. Yeah, there's live right near it's all over campus. A lot of college kids. But that's okay. We'll have house one day.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 46:20

Yeah, yeah. Going to the bars is always fun seeing everybody's different all the costumes and stuff.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 46:25

I'm just honestly, I know, it's like,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 46:27

I know we're not why not go to a bar. But even just like driving down mill. When it's packed and seeing all the costumes will be pretty cool.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 46:35

Yeah, I honestly like I know it's nerdy. But I just can't wait to start creating content outside of our apartment. Yeah. It's gonna be really exciting for us. We had so much fun like the one month in September when the cases where lower lashes. So I'm hoping that that's the case again, because I just can't wait to like, create post COVID content, like if we've been this creative, right? In our little apartment. And now it's like the world is opening up to us. Right? Hopefully, right. And that's what that's what I'm looking forward to the most like not necessarily one activity in general, but just being able to actually experience Halloween with you in a way we've never done before. Because I feel like we both had these pre. In the past. We were both like, I've talked about this before. But now I can't find the words for it. Like, neither of us would fully like share how we really felt right. And I didn't force things because I thought you weren't interested. And then you didn't explain to me why you didn't like watching horror movies. And so it was just all this miscommunication about the season, right? And so now like, it's just going to be crazy, because I think we're going to be overwhelmed with like so much to do and enough times. But that's what I'm looking forward to. And I'm also since I'm giving shoutouts. I'm also going to give a shout out to Liz again, because she has a happy haunts AZ I think, oh, shoot, I can't remember her. Her handle happy hearts adventures. She just started a new one. And she like posts a lot about haunts in Arizona, which is gonna be an amazing tool for us because we're new to Arizona and don't know all the places yet. And so I'm really excited about checking out the places that she's been sharing on her

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 48:18

Instagram. I know that also. It's kind of sad, but I know the Comic Con is canceled again, right? Yes. And that's a bummer. But I know that later on, I'm pretty sure it will be like Halloween cons and stuff like that. Yes, I would. I would love to go to one. It just depends on our schedule and like our like finances and stuff. Where How cool would it be to go to a con and just kind of take it up take in all the Halloween and spookiness that'd be so awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 48:48

Yeah, I'm ready for it.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 48:52

What would you want to do a con?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 48:55

I don't know I was telling are familiar this and like I've never understood what you do at cons other than like walk around and not be able to afford most of the stuff

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 49:06

I've been to. I've been to a few like the one that I went to that was close to Halloween was the I forgot the name of it, but it was in Dallas and it was a horror festival. Oh yeah. Where you met George Romero met George Romero and Tom savini. So that one they had panels, about different things about more and they would have bring in like different actors, directors, and they would talk special effects, you know, makeup people, but they also had like a zombie walk. And I took part of that part in that and we like walked from one spot and Dallas and walked all the way over there. And then they also had like the main floor where they have like the vendors and stuff and you you can meet like makeup effects artists, regular artists, people that are selling stickers, t shirts and whatever. Yeah, so I mean, it's cool. And then I think the cool thing too is you get to meet people and talk to them about like, you know, like Shelley, for example, you know, she has different costumes that she's put together, and someone will go to Comic Con to show that to the world, right? And you know, you know, show their artwork and their love for horror or whatever, you know, they're going for, and just talking to like them, like their costume, like, and you know, their cosplay. And I think that's one of the cool parts. That's,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:26

I'm kind of curious to see how my new like, quotation personality will be in real life. Just because like Rudy knows, I'm way more social digitally than I am in real life. Like it's opposite. Like, you can put me on Instagram, talking discord, the podcast, and I'm like a little chatterbox. But in real life, I'll see like a stranger and be like, in a little ball curled up, like, I don't know how to approach someone. So I'm kind of curious to see if that like this. Goes toast is personnel. Yeah, you will transform in real, like, yeah, yeah, at cons.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 51:00

Yeah. Cuz there's, there'll be situations where we'd be like, at the record store, and there'll be a girl wearing like, have like, Halloween centric tattoos, and it's like, you really want to talk to her is like, just like, and I will tell her just his compliments, something that she's wearing of interest that you know, of, and like, just open up with that. And then it'll, like, you know, evolve naturally. And then you can tell her about the podcast. So I always force her to talk to somebody that she would be interested in talking to.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 51:30

Yeah, and they still don't feel comfortable. And I want

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 51:33

to do that at the con to like, what I would love to do is just go over there and just approach people that have like, amazing costumes and be like, hey, talk to us about your costume. And like, why you're doing this and where you're from, like, I would love to do like, man on the street stuff. I love doing this. Oh, yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 51:48

Yeah, I get you. Yeah, it's funny, because I'll see, because I never used to notice it before. When we when we would go out like I would never be like, Is there any spooky people out? But then when we started the podcast, we started going out and I'd be like, she's wearing a Halloween shirt. It's June. She'd be the perfect person to tell about our podcast. And it'll be like approaching and then turn around. Nevermind.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 52:13

Yeah, we try to do that at spirit a couple of times. But it was weird because like of the Lino COVID. And like giving up the cards and stuff. Yeah. I know, we do approach spirit to like a community. Some cards are like, well, we can't because of COVID. But normally we could sometimes Yeah, pending on the store. So yeah, there's just so much to look forward to this Halloween. And I feel like it's our chance to kind of like go big with a goat schoolmates. Because Yeah, it's our season and we want to like be present for our for our audience, and just like, have fun with it. Because I'm really looking forward to getting out of this house. Yeah, apartment and just doing stuff.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 52:51

I also feel like creating the Golden Age during COVID. And quarantine was kind of like, a nice way for us to get like broken into being like real content creators. True. Yeah. Because I feel like I've mentioned I'm more shy in real life. And I've had time, like over the last year to start developing, how to talk to people, and be more confident in myself. And so I definitely think that that time helped me learn and grow a lot, right? Because even just going out to do a vlog now, if we were to run into someone with a really cool costume, like I would know, I need to get X, Y, and Z to make sure that I have all the elements we need. Right? Correct. Like a right video, right? So I'm just excited to put it all to practice. And

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 53:37

I'm, I'm actually looking forward to bumping into a fan of ours out there.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 53:42

It's gonna be crazy. When someone approaches us, I'm gonna be like,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 53:45

what? Because I sometimes don't believe that. People actually like me or like to hear what I have to say. So I want to know, like, Are you crazy? Like I just some guy, like, I don't know, I want to know what they're getting from, like, the stuff that we're saying. I'm interested to hear that. I know, we get stuff, like Italy digitally, but I want to hear from somebody and just like,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 54:08

we live Monica.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 54:10

Yeah, true. Yeah, that was cool. Yeah, she was really cool. Just she was just super, super excited to like, talk to us about her podcast, but this was like early on too. And, you know, she's like, been a fan since like, almost the beginning. So it's just it was just cool, like meeting with her. And I just want to meet more of you guys.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 54:28

Yeah, that's gonna be exciting.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 54:30

Yeah. But I think that's enough for my little off road session. I just wanted to kind of throw a little curveball at Mandy and have her come on here and talk. You know, you did a great job because before you didn't like doing stuff like this

Ghost Hostess Mandy 54:45

Well, okay. It goes both ways, though. Because you still like data holloween topic. So I'm still like, when is he gonna throw something really random.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 54:53

I'm working on it. Like we got to build up for it. But I think this is good practice for you to you know, when you go out there like cons and We talk to random people and they're like, so Mandy, what kind of spooky cereal do you like? And just giving you some random question you have to be like on it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 55:09

I gotta be on it without my familiars. Notes.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:11

Exactly. I'll be, I'm gonna be behind the camera and you're gonna look at me like,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 55:15

Don't ask me, I'll be like our familiars right here.

Unknown Speaker 55:17

Let's ask him.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:18

We're gonna have a little earpiece in your head. He's gonna be feeding you answers.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 55:24

I just want to clarify that I do do some of the work.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:27

You do most of the work. Almost all the work. I'm just the pretty face.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 55:33

That's not true. No, yeah, you're the master of ceremonies and are familiar definitely helps a lot. Yeah, he does truly a team effort. Yes, we just like picking on each other. That's true. All right. Well, if you guys enjoyed this episode, you know the drill. Please leave us a five star review on Apple podcasts. And if you could, please be sure to subscribe on whatever platform you listen on Spotify, Apple podcasts that will again help other people other spooky ghouls like you find our podcast and help us keep reaching our goals. And of course, I did want to remind you guys that we have some spooky merch available at our store. You can get stickers and prints or you can get actual apparel with T shirts, sweatshirts. tote bags.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 56:23

Exactly. Spooky. That's the way we're gonna be able to find each other is like hey, we're like the spider men that know each other. I know that shirt. I know that monster monster.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 56:35

Yes, so you could check those out at theghoulmates.com/shop and then you can choose if you want to go to our Teespring shop with the apparel or just scroll down and see our stickers and prints. And on that note until next time, we are sending you ghouls and kisses. Bye





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