S2, E9: Spooky Food, Little Monsters, & Cults

Updated: Jan 4

It's a wild ride as The Ghoul Mates chat all spooky things with Miss Von Frankenstein!

Brittany Jasperson aka Miss Von Frankenstein

Ghoulster 0:01

Welcome Foolish Ghoulsters to the podcast that keeps the spirit of Halloween alive all year through pop culture and nostalgia and now it's love at first fright with The Ghoul Mates.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:16

Hi guys, I'm your Ghost Hostess Mandy.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:19

And I'm your Master of Scaremonies Rudy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:22

And we are the The Ghoul Mates. Today we have a super special episode. It's all over the place in all the good ways as we are joined by the ghoul who inspired me to come out of my spooky hiding, Brittany Jesperson. Or you might know her as Miss Von Frankenstein. But first

Ghoulster 0:41

Horror Trivia.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:43

And here we go. Um, what is Norman Bates hobby in the movie Psycho?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:50

Stabbing? Slashing.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:54

that's a one of his hobbies. I don't know the main hobby. Once you take a stab at it?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:00


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:02


Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:03

I obviously have not seen that movie

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:05

Stuffing the animals.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:08

In the 1982 movie basket case what does the character Duane carry in his basket?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:14


Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:16


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:17

Severed heads?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:18


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:19

I don't know. What is it?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:20

His Siamese twin?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:21

Oh, I didn't know that. I mean, I don't think I've seen that movie.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:24

Never even heard of it. Alright guys, let's move on to some

Ghoulster 1:28

Haunted Housekeeping.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:30

We released our second episode of Tales from the Tent on Tuesday. Be sure to tune into the trilogy finale next Tuesday for a special announcement on the YouTube premiere. Also, I'm sure you all have heard about the Halloween virtual event of the century basically. That's right. It's a Hocus Pocus dream come true. The virtual event in search of the Sanderson sisters a Hocus Pocus Halloween takeover is happening on October 30 at 5pm Pacific Time for one hour, and it's the only time you'll be able to see the magical reunion. The ticket is $10. And it benefits the New York Restoration project. Our Ghoulsters are so excited about this, we decided to host a live chat watch party on our Discord server. And this party will be available to everyone that means you all you have to do is get into contact with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, wherever you want. And let us know you want in we even have an email theghoulmates@gmail.com. Or you can fill out the lovely contact form on our website, theghoulmates.com. If you've been wondering what the hype is, with our Discord server, or curious if you're actually missing anything, from our Patreon perks, this is a great way to get an inside look at how funky and spooky our community really is. And by that I mean our ghoulsters because they keep me excited every day. All right, so we're gonna change things up a little bit and buy a little bit. I mean, a lot. I know I say that a lot, usually, but it's happening. So 2020 has been a crappy year, guys. And I think everyone can agree on that. And I don't want to change the narrative or anything. But for me, my 2020 was 2019. And I don't like to talk about my personal experience very much. But Rudy has been really brave to talk about his anxiety. And I've been seeing a lot of you either messaged me or seen it around your feeds that you guys are feeling how hard 2020 is right now. And I just felt like this all aligned perfectly for me to share my journey with you. Because I care about you. ghoulsters a lot. And I feel like you guys need to hear my story, which has a lot to do with how special Brittany is to me. And so we're gonna go into it. Bear with me, because I might need to pause from all these emotions.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 3:58

Just take a deep breath. It's gonna be okay, we're all here for you.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 4:02

Okay, so I'm sure each of you have either heard me mentioned her on the podcast or on our Instagram at some point. And she is Brittany Jasperson Miss Von Frankenstein. And I don't even know if she really knows everything she's done for me. But I'm laying it all out on the table here tonight. Oh my god, I'm already starting. Okay, so um, we're actually not going to talk about health and fitness today. But I just want you guys to understand what it means for me personally to have her here today. So I think everyone at one point or another has had a difficult time with their health and fitness journey. And I'm only sharing this because I adore you guys so much. And I want everyone to know what an amazing human she is. And also, like I said, if you are struggling with anything in your life right now, I hope that this can help give you something positive to take from it. So it's not a secret I broke my ankle last April. I broke three bones and had emergency surgery and ended up being non weight bearing for 12 weeks, and that means that for three months, I could not walk, I could not stand. I could not do anything if it meant I had to put weight on my two feet. I talked about it a bit and joke and there were some good days, but it was like a nightmare sometimes reliving the same day over and over again on the couch. It was honestly the hardest thing I've ever gotten through in my life, and probably the darkest I've ever been mentally. It's no secret that I am not the healthiest or most fit girl. But you can imagine what an experience like this did to someone who already didn't have the best health habits. With my pumpkin spice lattes. So fast forward to one year later, I had finished my physical therapy months ago, I had my follow up doctor's appointments. Everything was checking out on paper, but my body was not right. And I knew it. I couldn't even walk one mile without my ankle swelling up and hurting. I got to a point where I just gave up on trying to exercise at all because I just felt so stuck. I couldn't even walk like what are you supposed to do to work out if you can't even walk? So quarantine happened and I knew for sure something needed to change and it so happened to be right around the time I found Brit's Instagram. And I have no idea how I stumbled upon it. But I found her. I was instantly like who is this spooky ghoul with amazing branding? Because you know, I love branding. And why is she living my dream life with a spooky centric career and spooky clothes, and an adorable little monster. I will never not melt over how cute her dog is. I just felt like I needed her in my life. I could see how strategic she was. And that she understood branding at this freaky level that I do. And I was just so fascinated. So I commented on a post I think she had like 14,000 followers at that time. I don't even remember how many. And I was like, there's no way she's gonna respond to me. And a couple hours later, she did. And the rest was history. We never stopped talking she eventually asked me to join her Beachbody fitness group, aka Von Franken Tribe, and I was honestly not sure if I wanted to invest in health and fitness at that point. But she was so understanding and easy to talk to. I was like, Okay, I'll try it for a month. So I decided to take a leap and invest in myself unapologetically. Rudy will tell you I was like, I need to try this for myself. Not for her, not for you. But for me. So you guys, I had no idea that that moment was going to change my life. I'm not trying to be dramatic. But seriously, I would have never imagined that she would become this positive light in my life, and probably one of my biggest cheerleaders. When I tell you I was lost and hopeless, my health. I'm not exaggerating. After my first attempt at working now, I literally had a meltdown and told her I couldn't do it. She never lost patience with me. She sent me personal videos, she recorded herself. Sometimes in PJ's, in dresses, it didn't matter. She just wanted to help. And she showed me how to modify each and every move i'd struggle with. And she never made me feel bad. Or like I wasn't trying hard enough. I eventually was brave enough to tell her she had inspired me to create something spooky that I could pour my passion for marketing into. And she was so supportive since day one, she started sharing our content with her tribe. I haven't even gotten into how much she also cares about her tribe. But it's been super interesting to see how our relationship has evolved since she has also started to be part of our tribe, which is the Ghoulster community. Imagine that you guys having a Halloween page where you obsess over Halloween candy, and pumpkin spice lattes, and you realize your health coach is seeing everything. But look, here is the truth and why I want to stress that I know, everyone can relate to this. I'm not losing weight, with a million things I have on my plate right now. But she's helped me Master this middle mindset where it's okay to hit pause and accept that only two workouts a week are what I can commit to while I'm prioritizing other goals, like getting my master's degree, or building this spooky podcast for you guys. But it's better than nothing and killing myself over it. And I can walk a mile again, you guys and I can do a lot more than that, actually. So I think for the first time I need those two workouts a week for my own mental health. So I'm starting to digress but I could obviously go on and on about Brittany forever. I really hope you guys are now getting into this understanding like whoa, she means like a lot to Ghost Hostess Mandy. And I also hope that if any of you are in a really dark place or struggling, that you hear my story and know that things can get better and you can come back stronger than ever. So I guess that was all about really long winded explanation about how a little girl like me, with only like 140 followers at that time, ended up having such a close relationship with the Miss Von Frankenstein, and how excited we are to have her on the show today to share a different side of herself the way I shared a different side with you. And now we're gonna talk about food, little monsters, tribes like everything spooky. Let's hit it.

Ghoulster 10:30

Let's give a ghoulster Welcome to Miss Von Frankenstein.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 10:38

Hey, Brittany, thanks so much for joining us today.

Brittany Jasperson 10:42

Hey, Ghoul Mates. Thanks for having me.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 10:44

We're so excited to have you.

Brittany Jasperson 10:47

I'm so pumped to be here. I also wanted to say thank you real quick for the intro. It was so generous, so kind of you, um, all the work that you've done with me 100% all you and I'm so proud of you. Um, and I told you, I was gonna ask you this. So I'm gonna start it off hot.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 11:06


Brittany Jasperson 11:06

How are you doing on your health and fitness journey?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 11:10

I am doing good. Okay. Like I said, middle mindset, like you mentioned, right? So it's a constant battle of me feeling like I'm not doing enough but reminding myself that it's okay, because it's temporary. How full my plate is right now. No pun intended. And it's gonna get better. And so yeah, just one more month and I think I'm like really looking forward to going back to how hard I was hitting it two months ago.

Brittany Jasperson 11:37

That's awesome. That's awesome. And I loved your your little tip on here about your workout jams. It pretty much completed me.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 11:43

Yeah. Yes, for sure. workout jams are like the only thing to like really get me through a workout. Like if the music's not right, then it's not happening.

Brittany Jasperson 11:53

I agree.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 11:56

Alright, so I'm super excited because I remembered a few of our listeners really enjoyed taking the witch spooky couple Are you quiz. So we have another quiz for you today. And Willa have from Autumn-ation was so sweet to create another quiz. And we kind of wanted to really show a different side of you that not a lot of people get to see. And I'm so happy that you are like so down to jump into this and just get crazy with us. So we're gonna be talking all about food with you for a while. And then we're gonna be jumping into little monsters, which is like the perfect combinate combination for us to talk about, I think.

Brittany Jasperson 12:30


Ghost Hostess Mandy 12:31

So we're gonna give you the what Halloween candy are you quiz?

Brittany Jasperson 12:36

Let's do it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 12:38

Okay, first question. Pick a comic. Peanuts, Archie, Garfield, or Calvin and Hobbes.

Brittany Jasperson 12:47

Have to make peanuts because it's a dog.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 12:50

Ah, of course. Okay, pick an extracurricular Choir, the school newspaper, debate, or art?

Brittany Jasperson 12:59


Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:01

Pick a season fall, winter, spring or summer.

Brittany Jasperson 13:05

Oh, don't hate me. But I pick winter. Sorry, everybody.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:11

I'll answer this one for you. Do you have pets? Yes. Are you introverted or extroverted?

Brittany Jasperson 13:18

Well, hardcore introvert.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:20

How do you deal with problems? I keep persisting until I eventually get through them. I try and look at the situation from a new angle. I asked for help from those close to me. Or I distance myself from the situation and come back to it with a clear head.

Brittany Jasperson 13:37

Oh, wow, sir. Really good options, but I think my go to is being persistent and just like muscling through.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:44

Same. Okay, pick something you like about yourself. You're creative. You're positive. You're kind, or you're funny.

Brittany Jasperson 13:55

See my favorite thing about myself as being funny.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:59

And then this is the one I need to show you a picture of pick a plant. Let's see if I could get it to focus here.

Brittany Jasperson 14:07

Okay, uh, the flower on the top.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:12

The colored one?

Brittany Jasperson 14:13


Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:14

Okay. Oh, my gosh, all three of us got the same answer.

Brittany Jasperson 14:22

I quit this podcast and i'm out.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:25

it's peanut butter cups.

Brittany Jasperson 14:27

Oh, I'm in.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:28

Okay. So it says you're smart, innovative and you love to create whether your passion is making food, jewelry, art or something less tangible like music or poetry. You love how rewarding it is to make something amazing from scratch. building skills takes time and patience, but you're resilient and willing to put in the work to get good results. Oh, I love that. That does sound like the three of us.

Brittany Jasperson 14:53

We're all here on this podcast.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:58

So to our listeners, we should To check out the quiz, the link is in our show notes and post your results and tag us in them so we could see what candy everybody is. Alright, so we all know you have a killer Bod. But I really want to know what your weaknesses are, give us all the juicy details because I want to know how you power through all of these cravings.

Brittany Jasperson 15:19

Okay, uh, like weaknesses. I wrote this as weaknesses in general, because I know we're gonna dig more into food and the rest of this podcast. So my shot I put a shallow one and like a deeper one. The shallow one is I eat like I'm a three year old. Like I wear my food, and it's disgustingand embarrasing and I swear every time Anthony looks at me eating, I'm like dribbling crap all over myself. So that's one of my weaknesses is just eating very disgustingly like the uncles on Casper, you know, when they said it?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:55


Brittany Jasperson 15:57

Zoom everything. That's me, but I'm not a ghost. So I have no excuse. Um, and then like a deeper weakness of mine is managing my introversion. So being someone who I care immensely about people, I want to help people really bad. That's why I do what I do as a coach. But also, it's a people business. And that exhausts the crap out of me. So, when I feel that burnout happening, respecting that I need to take a rest is still a big challenge of mine. Thos are my weaknesses.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 16:33

Totally hear you on both of those. Funny story. I love Cheetos. That's my biggest little snack. I guess Hot Cheetos and Rudy always teases me because I always have Cheeto dust left on my shirt.

Brittany Jasperson 16:47

Its very embarrasing.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 16:51

Okay, so what spooky season goodies are your biggest enemy. For me this season. It's been the pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks and Halloween candy with all these pictures we have been taking.

Brittany Jasperson 17:03

When you guys talk about the Halloween candy. I'm like Loki angry at you because I want to go buy it and eat it all. But my biggest weakness is actually alcohol. Like festive drinks. I make this butterscotch Martini. And I always save it for like the fall season. Um, and they also last Fall came out with pumpkin Bailey's, which I didn't need that. And then we also have this local spooky bar called The Cauldron. It's right down the street from Knott's Berry Farm if any of you guys ever go there, but they also have like a whole menu of like spooky drinks. So basically, I just want to have every single spooky cocktail that I can get my hands on.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 17:49

That's awesome. That bar sounds really cool. We're gonna have to add it to our list when we visit.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 17:54

Oh, yeah,

Brittany Jasperson 17:54

You will love it. I better meet you there.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 17:59

That's a deal. Okay, so what's like the one meal or snack that you'd be willing to do? 100 burpees for?

Brittany Jasperson 18:08

Okay, this one awesome to me. I had to really think about this one, because I mostly eat what I want. But I am gluten free for health reasons because I have autoimmunity. And so I thought to myself if I could do 100 burpees and that meant that I didn't have to be gluten free. Like there'll be no repercussion. I want to eat a big ol soft pretzel dipped in like Nacho beer cheese.

The Ghoul Mates 18:34


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 18:36

That sounds good.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 18:38

That's awesome. I'm assuming you hate burpees

Brittany Jasperson 18:43

Don't hate me again. But I don't hate burpees that much.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 18:48

Wait. Well, I actually can't do them. For some reason. I still can't like jump up from that position with my ankle. Um, but yeah, I would say I hate them. If so, which, which workout move would you say you do hate doing that you'd still be willing to do for that?

Brittany Jasperson 19:05

Most is running like running. I would just rather die I think. Um, and I would be willing to run if I could have that pretzel with no repercussions.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 19:18

Okay, um, let's see. What's your most unpopular opinion about spooky season foods and drinks?

Brittany Jasperson 19:28

Okay, well, I want to actually tell you guys an unpopular opinion. This doesn't have to do with food only because I wanted to see Rudy's reaction. I tell him that I actually really liked the sexy costumes. Make sure you're not gonna kick me off.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 19:49

We're okay.

Brittany Jasperson 19:51

No, food goes. I actually I love candy corn and I don't love pumpkin spice lattes.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 19:58

I had a feeling I could just Feel it like I knew you did.

Brittany Jasperson 20:02

I know that's the candy corn I feel like is the most hated Halloween food. It reminds me of my grandma and it makes me happy. Yeah, and the pumpkin spice lattes. I just feel like they taste too sweet. And I don't use any coffee. So I'm just like, what's the point of a cup of coffee? That there's no actual coffee in?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 20:20

Yeah, I have to admit they are pretty heavy. Like I can't have them often. But that's why I'm hooked on that. Damn, pumpkin cream cold brew because it's a lot like, it tastes a lot more like coffee. So if you haven't tried it, maybe just don't try it because you don't you can't miss what you don't know.

Brittany Jasperson 20:38

Good advice.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 20:41

Okay, I think you have the next one. Rudy.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 20:44

I wanted to know, what's your favorite Halloween candy?

Brittany Jasperson 20:48

100% Reese's pumpkins.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 20:51

Oh, okay, then you got a good answer on your quiz.

Brittany Jasperson 20:55

Yeah. So do you guys agree that like for some reason, the holiday Reese's just are so different than normal Reese's.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 21:05

I don't know. We recently had the what was it the

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:09

The Franken Cups

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 21:10

The Franken Cups. And it had like that white chocolate and it did taste different. But other than that, we have like the other ones that are shaped differently like in Halloween characters. And they the chocolate kind of tastes softer?

Brittany Jasperson 21:25


Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:26

Yes. I think I think for I don't know if it's because we're in Arizona, but I feel like I definitely our Halloween candy has felt like not as solid as it usually is for the chocolate.

Brittany Jasperson 21:39

How hot is it there right now?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 21:40

Oh, it's like 106

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:42

Yeah, it's finally starting to be bearable.

Brittany Jasperson 21:46

It's kind of a bummer. That's like me. You guys being in Arizona and me being in California. We kind of miss out on the fall weather.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:53

Yeah. Oh, yeah, for sure. It makes us really sad.

Brittany Jasperson 21:57

I know, me too. Reese's pumpkins, I just feel like it's better than normal Reese's. It's a thing.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 22:06

I'm sure you're right. I've seen that. That being said a lot about the Oreos, too. Okay, so before we jump into our actual theme of little monsters for the episode, I have a few questions I've been wanting to ask you.

Brittany Jasperson 22:20

So let's do it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 22:21

So what inspired the name Miss Von Frankenstein.

Brittany Jasperson 22:25

Okay, so I'm going to date myself here by saying that it was my MySpace name, first of all. Here, hang it through all of my social media accounts. But actually where it came from, I don't know if you guys are familiar. But there was a I looked this up for you. And 1967 claymation film called Mad Monster Party. And the one of like, the main characters is his name is Baron Von Frankenstein. And he's actually voiced by Boris Karloff. And so I loved Mad Monster Party. So I stole his name Von Frankenstein and just made it miss Von Frankenstein. And I remember when I started my my coaching business, my mentor told me you are gonna want to get rid of that you're gonna want to brand your name, you're gonna want to be Brit Jasperson. And when I thought of giving up that name, and like I knew that someone else would take it. It made me want to cry. Anyone else to be Miss Von Frankenstein I'm Miss Von Frankenstein. So I stuck with it because I just loved it so much. And now as you know, it's such a huge part of who I am. It's such a huge part of my tribe. And I'm so thankful that I just followed my instincts.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:36

Yes, for sure. I'm so glad that's awesome. Because it's just another layer of like sticking true to who you are. Yeah, and not letting anyone dictate how you should present yourself.

Brittany Jasperson 23:48

And what you guys are all about, like being spooky all the time and just kind of owning it instead of hiding it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:53

Yes, for sure. See, I wouldn't be here if Miss von Frankenstein had gone away.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 24:01

Why do you love the Creature from the Black Lagoon so much?

Brittany Jasperson 24:05

I fangirl super hard. When I saw you guys. Were gonna ask that question. I was like, I love talking about creature. But this is really weird. But before it ever saw the movie, I became a fan girl because Anthony and I went to the grocery store during Halloween season one year, and they had this set of monster plates. So it was like the mummy a some kind of alien one Dracula and then it actually said Swamp Thing on it. But it was an image of creature. So they, you know, the things they do to like, try to get around copyright. But I was Creature from the Black Lagoon and I just loved his aesthetic. I just thought he was gorgeous. And I am also like a very nature-y person. So I think that's why he resonated with me because he lives in the swamp. We love alligators in this house. It's like a weird thing. So he just like resonated with my soul. Then obviously I went and watched the movie because I was like, I don't want to be a poser fan. And I started kind of like digging into the creature costume and all the filming and I just think the whole thing of it being underwater is fascinating. So I don't know, I just started because I just thought he looked awesome. And then it expanded from there.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:20

That's awesome. I actually have not seen the movie.

Brittany Jasperson 25:24

You have to.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:25

Yeah, I saw I did see Swamp Thing this summer with Rudy, because he likes that movie a lot. So it's on my list, I have a very, very long list of things to get through once I graduate.

Brittany Jasperson 25:36

Every episode, you guys add like three movies to your list, it's never ending.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:41

I'm gonna have to like go back and like re listen to them because I never actually started writing the list. So I'm gonna have to listen to like the first five minutes of every episode once I'm ready. Okay, so we are going to talk a little bit more about this later. But why don't you share a bit more about what the Von Franken Tribe is and what it means to you.

Brittany Jasperson 26:03

Okay, this one actually, just you asked me that makes me feel like my cry a little bit, but in a good way. Um, so when I started my virtual coaching business, I was very much a lone wolf, I was already kind of naturally that way. And then having been diagnosed with autoimmunity, I knew that a big factor in my condition was stress. And so in my mind, I'm like, Well, what causes me stress, people cause me stress. And so I had deleted hundreds of people off my social media, I was like, don't talk to you, you stress me out, you post annoying political things, whatever it just, like got rid of all these people. And then ironically, opened this business where I'm like, I want to help people. And so I was like, crap, I'm gonna have to learn to like, balance this out better, I'm gonna have to learn to connect better, I'm gonna have to learn to set boundaries better, I'm gonna have to learn to you know, be of service to others and really make like genuine connections. And it took about three years of working this business. I'm five and a half years and that took me about three years to really even dial in, like, who is my tribe? Who am I looking to connect with? Who am I even looking to help? And then I feel like, you know, I just kind of was trying different things. Like I'm gonna try talking to AFI fans. I'm gonna try talking to other health nerds who love geeking out on superfoods like I just started chatting people up. And then I finally realized the pattern was the people who I was connecting with were spooky people. They loved rock and roll. They love horror films. They wore weird clothes all year long, not just at Halloween. And so once I dialed that in, it felt like the floodgates opened not only for my business, but like for me as a person, I finally felt like I found my people, I felt connected. My job became so much fun. I met my three best friends on like through business connections, or through literally Instagram directly. And so I feel like the Von Franken Tribe almost like healed that lone wolf wound that I had inside of myself thinking I just needed to muscle through life on my own and gave me somewhere that I fit in. And it still is so humbling to me that like, people trust me to help them and want to work with me and want to be a part of what I'm building. And so I just aim to make our tribe as fun as possible. Like, I know getting healthy can be tough. I want to make it a blast, and I want to just all elevate each other. So I feel forever humbled and very, very grateful for the bond Franken tribe.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:36

Yes. Oh, man, I wish I could just like copy paste you with me saying that because I think Rudy will be the first one to tell everyone to that I'm like super antisocial. And I think part of that was always because like I just didn't find people I connected with at like a very specific level, like, there'd be commonalities, but it was never like they understand how freaking nerdy I am and why I'm geeking out on Halloween all the time. And so even just the people who have trickled in listening to The Ghoul Mates like the girls that I talked to all of them like they're just like, completely like me and so I totally get what you're saying that it's just it opens up this world of just connecting with people at a level you didn't realize and it's all because of Instagram It's crazy. Okay, so I briefly mentioned this in your introduction, but one of the reasons we get along so well is because of our obsession for our little monsters. So it was obvious this was the episode to have you on so before we move forward I want to give you an opportunity to shamelessly talk about your little monster Weez and why you love dogs so much.

Brittany Jasperson 29:42

oh my gosh Weez is a nightmare. I love him so much. I know you guys have a dog part cattle dog right?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 29:50


Ghost Hostess Mandy 29:50


Brittany Jasperson 29:51

Okay, so you guys understand the crazy but yeah, so we use is a cattle dog, Pitbull smooth haired Collie. So Like last season long hair color. So smooth hair Collie mix, he's about 65 pounds. And when we rescued him, he was four months old. And we thought we knew what we were in for, like cattle dogs are active, we need to exercise a lot and make sure he's in training and being socialized. And so we we did that. And then by like six months old, he started showing signs of aggression. And we were already working with trainers, but they were a positive reinforcement only trainer. And I feel like cattle dogs are a little too smart for that kind of training. Like, we know you don't have a treat that I don't have to listen to you. That's how this training works right? So over the years, he was becoming like more and more aggressive. And it was really hard because our world was shrinking. Like we couldn't take him places anymore. We couldn't do things with him. And it was really very stressful. I think I cried every day for like three years with him, because I loved him so much. But I was afraid he was going to hurt someone or hurt himself. And then finally, one of my clients recommended this amazing trainer, her name is Sophie and she's since become my best freaking friend. But she taught us a different method of training. And within about a year, we were able to completely transform this aggressive dog into the sweetest little angel baby ever. And so I think that like made our bond next level, the fact that we had to go through this whole roller coaster together, and we've come out the other side. And now you know, he's like a huge part of my Instagram. He's a huge part of my business. Like he's all up in there. And yeah, I've learned so much from him. I love dogs because I feel like they're our quiet in a noisy world. They are unconditionally loving and accepting. And he's taught me patience and he is there for me when I'm all alone here typing away feeling like a crazy person trying to help other people on the internet. You know, he's by my side at all times. He's He's truly my companion through life. So dogs are where it's at for me.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:04

Yes, for sure. I swear. It's like Everything you say is exactly how I feel. Because Yeah, Bruce definitely. I also went through a phase where I like probably cried every or I cried every night. And I was like, What did we do? Because he was just like, so difficult as a puppy. Like, I had no idea what I got myself into. And now I look back and I'm like, I cannot believe we got through it.

Brittany Jasperson 32:31

Don't you feel awesome about yourself. Now you're like, dang, we're such badass is that we were able to like, get through that and get to the other side. And now our dog is awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:40

Yes, for sure.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:41

I never thought of it that way. I have a question. Actually. Amanda's are Mandy's always showing me pictures of your dog. And he seems really similar to our dog. Bruce. I was wondering, do you ever catch him farting?

Brittany Jasperson 32:58

Oh, yeah, that's one of his favorite pastimes.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:01

So like uh Bruce. Sometimes we'll be I'll be sitting down like watching TV or playing a video game and he'll let one rip. And then he'll like get startled. And like look behind them. And he's trying to figure out like, what happened? Does your dog ever do that?

Brittany Jasperson 33:16

So I feel like when Weez farts looks back at us. Like how dare you guys? I didn't do that? You just did that.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:29

Yeah, Bruce. Like he gets like startled by himself. And it's like an ongoing mystery for him. And he's trying to figure out like, where that's coming from. He'll look. Investigate and look at me like, Did you hear that? I'm like, No, I didn't hear that to you, man. But like he, he always like, investigates. And it's just like, the strangest thing. I've never seen a dog ever do that before? Like, he's

Brittany Jasperson 33:54

What if we did the things that we use does like imagine if you fart and then you're like looking? Like so embarrassing. Dogs are so weird, but I love them.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:05

Yeah, he's he's just a hoot. He's always getting like spooked by himself. And I don't know it's just dogs are so different. And they just fill our lives with like all this like happiness. But yeah, I think he's just he's just crazy.

Brittany Jasperson 34:22

We need a cattle dog play date.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:24

Exactly. Yeah, we for sure. need that.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:26

That's like my dream. If anything from all my dreams happens. I want a Weez and Bruce play date. Bruce will probably be terrified of him.

Brittany Jasperson 34:35

I'm not gonna lie, Weez kind of a jerk. Like he definitely has that top dog mentality. So if our trainer actually says that when other dogs approach him, he growls and he'll like be kind of like get away from me and she said what he's trying to tell them is, I'm too pretty to play with you.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:53

Yeah, I think Lolo is kind of like that. She's a whole different story.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:59

Yeah, for sure.

Brittany Jasperson 35:00

What kind of dog is Lola.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:02

Uh, her name is Lolo. It's a weird name. It's after like, so there's like this wa- waffles.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:09

Yeah, chicken and waffle restaurant.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:11

Yeah, there's a chicken and waffles restaurant here called Lolo's. And we found her after we ate there like right outside in the parking lot. So her name is Lolo, and she's a Min Pin Chihuahua.

Brittany Jasperson 35:21

Oh my gosh, so cute.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:23

Yeah, she is a feisty little ball.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:26

She it's funny, because she's like, she's bigger than a Chihuahua, but shorter than a Min Pin. She's like a weird like mix. But she's like a, like a, like a heavy Chihuahua. She's like a little bowling ball. But she's just like, I don't know, you see, and you're like, you're trying to figure out if it's a chihuahua or a miniature pinscher. You just can't. Like, she's just like, I don't know, it's just really where she's really thick. And she's

Brittany Jasperson 35:55

Lolo's listening right now. She's like, Dad, you're calling me out. What a jerk.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:00

We had to cut her food to she's on diet cuz she's too heavy. And she like I'm always like wor- like worried about her coming at me full speed and taking me out

Brittany Jasperson 36:11

Like human bowling pins.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:13

She's, she's a little tough little runt.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:17

Yeah. Okay, so Rudy has been super busy working on some videos coming soon. So he didn't have much time to put some notes together on a little monster. But you guys know, I have a little monster to talk about. And we know Britt is super prepared for you guys, so we aren't worried at all. Do you want to kick it off? Brit?

Brittany Jasperson 36:37

Yeah, I'm in.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:38

Okay, the floor is yours.

Brittany Jasperson 36:42

So Mandy asked what little monster I wanted to talk about. And she actually specifically asked if I wanted to do Cujo, because she knows that I have a real life Cujo living. But actually, I am like a huge Tim Burton fan, and have been for a million years. So I wanted to talk about Frankenweenie today. And so here's what I know about Frankenweenie. This was a 1984 Tim Burton short film, and it was based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which I think any Ghoulster listening to this podcast roughly knows the story of Frankenstein. So that's what it's based on. But it is instead of being a man as a monster, the monster is the dog a bull terrier named Sparky who gets hit by a car. And then his his owner, his best friend, a little boy whose name is Victor. He can't live without Sparky. So he takes inspo from his science class at school comes home and bring Sparky back to life. So now Sparky is essentially Frankenstein's monster. Um, but this was a black and white live action film by Tim Burton initially. And my first introduction to this was actually I don't know if you guys will remember this. It's a little like, OG, but my first intro to this was because I bought the Nightmare Before Christmas, VHS that was like extended play. And it was this ridiculous, like five hour VHS tape. And one of the things that was on it was Frankenweenie. So that was the first time that I like I was able to watch Frankenweenie. And obviously, I fell in love with it, because I already loved the story of Frankenstein. And then you add a dog into it. Like I can't complain about that, obviously. And, and then they ended up remaking this film in 2012. So Tim Burton, and I believe Disney partnered up and they made they remade it in 2012. But this time, they redid it as a claymation. So that stop motion animation just like Nightmare Before Christmas is. And my favorite part of the remake was the fact that they left it in black and white. Have you guys watched it?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:54

I saw a while ago. Yeah,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 38:56

it wouldn't it came out in theaters, but I don't really remember it anymore to be honest.

Brittany Jasperson 39:01

The original was like I said it was a live film, like a live action film with actors and everything. But it was all in black and white. And so the remake the claymation was still in black and white. And I thought that was really clever and really cool. And I've never seen anything like that before. So I was like, wait a stay true to yourself, Tim Burton, um, but I looked up some really fun facts about the making of this film, and I especially think Rudy will appreciate these facts. But um, so when Tim Burton made the original, like live action film in 1984, he had been working for Disney wraps up filming for this original Frankenweenie and Disney fires him for wasting their resources on a movie that they deemed unsuitable for children.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:45

I didn't know that,

Brittany Jasperson 39:47

right? Isn't that crazy? So that kind of made me laugh.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:50

Wasn't Tim Burt- I'm sorry, but wasn't Tim Burton, an animator?

Brittany Jasperson 39:55

Originally. Yeah, I mean, I don't really know where it started. Cuz he's also Just an artist like

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:01


Unknown Speaker 40:02

Drawings and photography and he's just like a creative soul.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:06

Yeah, yeah, cuz I remember. I think he was talking about Nightmare Before Christmas and I remember him saying that he was an animator at Disney and I thought that was insane. Like I didn't know that at all. But yeah, he's he's a jack of all trades far as, you know, creative work and stuff. But yeah, that's pretty awesome.

Brittany Jasperson 40:24

Yeah, yeah, so that was like that was super funny that he got fired for making. And then it wasn't until 1992 after he had success with like all these different movies, it was like Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands. Blockbuster hits. And then Disney was like, Oh, well, maybe he's onto something. And so first time, they actually released Frankenweenie on VHS like they finally made it available to the masses. And then when he did the remake in 2012, guess who we ended up doing it with

The Ghoul Mates 40:57


Brittany Jasperson 41:00

And I'm such like a, I'm a rebel heart. Like sometimes I'm even a Rebel Without a Cause. And that's another reason I love creature because he's like a little I think he's like, underrated. As far as the classic monsters. So when I heard that, like, he went back to Disney to remake it. I was just like, yes, that's like the best revenge. He's like, Hey, guys, you want me now don't you?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:20

He probably got a big old payout?

Brittany Jasperson 41:22

Hell yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:23

I'm so petty. I would have probably been like, No, you didn't want it when someone should have believed in it. So I'm taking it somewhere else.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:32

Sounds like Steve Jobs when he first started apple. And they got big, they fired him. And then they were struggling. And then they had to hire him back because he was the key to making Apple the way what it was.

Brittany Jasperson 41:45

I love those stories. I just feel like that would feel so good.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:48

Revenge stories are always good.

Brittany Jasperson 41:52

Yeah, and then my last like random fun fact about it was so obviously Sparky's a dog. And all of the other characters in the stop motion animation are humans. So they needed to make Sparky dog size in relation to the humans. But he still needed to have all the like inner skeletal workings to be able to move properly. And because of that, the Frankenweenie sets were a lot larger than a normal stop motion film because of that proportion. And I also thought that was really interesting. I never would have thought about that.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:27

That is interesting.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 42:28

Yeah, cuz I think it'd probably be harder to because he has four legs. And so the two so you have to animate four legs instead of the two. And it's easier to do the the four. Or it's easy to do the two with the humans. And there's Yeah, it's more part. So it makes sense. It'll be you're gonna need a bigger set.

Brittany Jasperson 42:47

Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. So those are my fun Frankenweenie facts. But yeah, I just I love this film, because it's all about this little boys bond with his dog. And the fact that when his dog passes, he's like, I can't live without Sparky. So he brings Sparky back. And I would do that if I could. We had a dog Daisy, before we get past. I'm like, I'll do anything to have her back. So I just love that.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:08

Would if you had the opportunity, would you clone your dogs?

Brittany Jasperson 43:13

Oh, no, I'm real geeky. I'm sorry you asked this. I have a degree in biology. So no, I would not. Because what I know about genetics is that cloning your dog only means it looks like your dog. Your dog is going to be genetically the same as your dog.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:32


Brittany Jasperson 43:32

It does not mean it's going to have your dog's personality or be your dog. So to me, it would just be disappointing, so I wouldn't do it.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:40

Okay. Yeah, cuz I've always, I've always had seen stories about like celebrities, like cloning their dogs. And I'm always like, we should clone our dogs so that we can just have them forever. And I know that they're not gonna be the same dog. But genetically they'd be the same dog and just look the same, but they wouldn't be the same dog.

Brittany Jasperson 43:57

That'd be such like a I don't know what to call it other than a mind F I'm trying not to cuss. Like if you have a dog that looks just like your dog, but acts completely different. I would just be so confused.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 44:08


Ghost Hostess Mandy 44:09

Honestly. I mean, I'm sometimes even still confused with Bruce because Lolo was like the first dog I've ever had. And she growls a lot like that's just a min pin quality like she'll always growl that's her personality. And so when I pet Bruce, I'm like, why don't you react to me like ever? He's just so sweet. Like it's so weird to me. Because in my head I'm like, dogs should react they should like growl or like do something when you touch them but he's does like this fluffy little like, Yeah, do whatever you want with me while our other dog is like so like no, it has to be on her terms when and where you touch her.

Brittany Jasperson 44:47

Oh man, Lolo, and Weez sound like they get along very well.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 44:53

I bet you she'd give him a run for his money. She is crazy. So did you Have any other notes on Frankenweenie?

Brittany Jasperson 45:02

Nope, that's what I want to say.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:04

Okay, you are like super prepared.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:09

That's why I love her. She's got it all down. Okay, so I'm gonna talk about the little monsters in Birds of Prey. So I have a lot to say about the movie because it resonates with me on so many different levels. So I'm going to try really hard to keep it on topic. So the movie was originally called Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn. It came out on February seventh 2020, and it didn't do as well as anticipated, which is why I have so many thoughts. So they ended up changing it to Harley Quinn Birds of Prey. And Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn in this movie, she was the Harley to Jared Leto Joker in Suicide Squad, and the movie takes place after Suicide Squad where she breaks up with the Joker. And she's obviously going through a really rough time and she decides to get a pet hyena to fill that void. And she ends up naming him Bruce. So this is most likely a nod to the animated series where Joker and Harley Quinn have two pet hyenas named Bud and Lou. But for those of you who have seen the movie, you know that that's not the only little monster Harley has. She also has a weird taxidermied beaver in a pink tutu that she talks to and he doesn't talk back to her because she's Cuckoo. So they don't say much about Bernie in the movie, but he's actually from the comic. In the comic Harley Quinn. Number one, Bernie is one of the treasures Harley takes with her to Coney Island, but in the comics, he talks back to her. So the reason I chose this movie is because basically this would be my life without Rudy. Um, so I'm not making it up. I swear when we got Bruce. It was like a week before the trailer to this movie came out. And I had a name planned out for Bruce and everything like I would we were going to meet him to see if we were going to adopt him. But in my head, we already adopted him like Rudy knew this. I had already bought, like so many things for him. I was like he's coming home with us. But when we met him, I had like a name planned out for him for my favorite football player. And I was like, it just doesn't fit him like it's not right. And so Rudy was like, he's got Batman ears because he had huge, like, huge ears everywhere we took him people would be like, Oh my god, he has the cutest ears. And so when he said that, I was like, his name is Bruce. We're gonna name him Bruce, because Batman has just been like the foundation of our nerdy love story. And so literally fast forward like a week later, and the birds of prey preview comes out on the on the TV. And she's like, I named him Bruce after that hunky Wayne guy. And I was like, that was my life. So it was just like a crazy coincidence because I love her character so much. And it was like Bruce Wayne and Batman. And like all of these things just like fell into place all at the same time. Like right when I had got in Bruce, I was like, I don't it's just like, spooky to me and things like that happened. Like I bought my dog. I named him Bruce. And then Harley Quinn comes out. Names her Hyena Bruce. And then of course, we've talked a lot about Lolo. And so the beaver is Lolo. She's a so she's been the beaver Bernie is like this tiny little beaver wearing a tutu. And that's pretty much Low, low and Rudy laughs at me because I always talk to her and he's like, Why do you talk to her? And I'm like, because she knows English. Okay, like I've talked to her since day one. She knows me. She's my best friend. And she doesn't talk back to me. Just like the beaver doesn't talk back to Harley. So here we are. I have my own Bruce and Bernie. And their names are Bruce and Lolo.

Brittany Jasperson 48:50

Oh my gosh, you guys need to do this as a costume. Like you need to make Bruce a hyena. I need to make Lolo, the beaver with a tutu and then you guys can be Batman characters, and they'll be perfect.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 49:01

I know you beat me to the punch. But we might have something like that planned.

Brittany Jasperson 49:07

Why are we always on the same wave length?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 49:09

I know.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 49:11

I've been trying for years to get her to do the Joker and Harley Quinn or the Joker and Batgirl. So we could probably do that for Halloween. One day.

Brittany Jasperson 49:22

I'd love to see your guys's rendition of that because I feel like everyone else. Sorry, I'm calling out like everybody ever but I feel like everyone is wearing about like the store bought costume and everyone like did Joker and Harley or whatever, but I feel like you guys would do it like next level legit. Like I think it'd be.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 49:41

Yeah. Yes, for sure. So just one other note I had on Bruce the hyena. So according to Margot Robbie, they were trying to use like a real hyena to shoot the scenes with Bruce in it. But apparently the hyena was being too difficult. Who would have thought Yeah, so they ended up using a large dog as the base and then they CGI the rest of it in post production.

Brittany Jasperson 50:10

They needed Weez no joke when I walk him outside. I have had people stop me like, this is what they do they go, Whoa, is that a hyena multiple times so like they just needed my dog.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:25

He would have been perfect. And he's perfectly trained. Thanks to you.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 50:28

How about that laugh. Bruce's laugh in the in the movie when the hyena laughs.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:37

Oh, yeah, I don't think. Have you seen the movie?

Brittany Jasperson 50:40

I haven't.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:40

Oh, okay. Yeah, he laughs like a hyena. So he's like, I don't know. How does he do it?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 50:45

Hehe? I don't know.

Brittany Jasperson 50:49

That's what I could have hoped for and more.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:54

But yeah, Weez is so cute. Like, I squeal every time you post a picture of him. His colors are just so pretty.

Brittany Jasperson 51:02

I always tell him he's lucky. He's beautiful, because he's a terrorist. He has to make up for it with his look.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 51:09

What kind of costume would you put together? In conjunction with Weez?

Brittany Jasperson 51:15

Oh, we always get him in on it. Like every year he dresses up as something matching with us. Um, this actually this is so off topic and I have nothing to do with the podcast. So take this for what it's worth. But I was listening to your guys's Episode The other day where you talked about what weapon would you use to kill if you were a slasher? Rudy was like, super struggling to come up with an answer.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 51:38


Brittany Jasperson 51:39

And all I could think of was like, hell hounds like, I would want hell hounds.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 51:45

That's awesome.

Brittany Jasperson 51:45

You should be.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 51:48

I like to circle back on that. One of the things I found kind of disappointing in Birds of Prey is the dog or the hyena wasn't used a lot.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 51:58

I agree.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 51:59

And I wish they would. I wish like in one of the major fight scenes, Harley Quinn had, like trained the hyena to like attack people. So I think that would have been really cool. She's like, whistles and he starts like attacking people.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 52:11


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 52:12

That would have been awesome. That's one of the things I think the movie was lacking was more hyena.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 52:16

I agree. Great. I like Hi, I know. I know. You might not be into comics, but I highly recommend the movie because it's like all about girl power. Like it's a really fun movie.

Brittany Jasperson 52:26

Yeah, I was super down to see I mean, we saw Suicide Squad. So you know, I kind of get the gist of what's going on.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 52:32

Yeah, you should watch it. It's it's very different. It was like she had like, complete she pitched the movie. And she had complete say over everything the costumes like it's like very feminist. Like very girl power. Like I cried multiple times, just because of like how amazing it was. And I'm gonna go off topic. So I'm going to stop. I highly recommend it.

Brittany Jasperson 52:53

We're gonna go down the rabbit hole. And here we are.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 52:56

Yeah, the director to she's female to really be or she actually came from the indie community. And they, like, chose her specifically because she had she writes women's characters really well. And Margot Robbie wanted that. And, like watching it to me, it was like really different for me, because, you know, you're expecting all these women to be very, like sexy and stuff like that. But it wasn't like that. It was just kind of about them banding together as women and working together for the same goal. And it was just, it was different. Like the weight because she when Mandy saw it, it was really emotional for her. And like I I didn't understand it because I wasn't the target. And it was just really cool getting her side like, Oh, I felt x, y, & z because I could relate. And I thought that was really cool about the movie.

Brittany Jasperson 53:46

Okay, that just like sold me on it so hard, because that's like the story is talking about with tribe.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 53:52

Mm hmm.

Brittany Jasperson 53:53

My own and then I started this business where I wanted to, like help people get healthy. And then I had to learn to like build my cool gang together, you know.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 54:03


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 54:03

yeah. I know. That was like part of like, what we're gonna be talking today. So it kind of resonates with you know, what you've been doing with your tribe is like, all these women are working together for the same goal. And I thought that was pretty cool about the movie

Brittany Jasperson 54:17

Yeah. Awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 54:18

Yeah, that that Rudy, that was a perfect transition. Okay, so yeah, speaking of tribe, um, you know, our familiar, always worked really hard to pick a perfectly themed Fables From our Familiar. And we were like, what are we gonna do like a ghost that works out? Like, what did we choose for this? But then I was like, She's so big on tribe. Like, that's her thing. And then I was like, You know why? And actually, I can't remember if it was mine or Oscars idea, but we were like, you and I have both created like spooky communities for really positive things, but other people have created them. For some really messed up things, and you might know them as cults.

Brittany Jasperson 55:04

Oh yeah.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:05

Creepy cults. before we get into that, and this, this will probably be cut out, but I just realized of a spooky trainer. What a spooky trick like a spooky health trainer or health coach.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 55:23

Uh huh.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:24

The skeleton character in the Beetlejuice cartoon. That's his job.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 55:30

There's a trainer?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:31

You remember there's like a French skeleton guy?

Brittany Jasperson 55:35

Oh, he worked with the football team. I was like, is the coach there?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:39

The coach? Yeah, the coaches in that too. But in the animated show. The French guy the skeleton. He's actually a trainer.

Brittany Jasperson 55:47

Oh I know who you're talking about.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:49

Yeah, I just realized that. I'm sorry. I just want to throw that out there.

Brittany Jasperson 55:53

I forgot about that. That's awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 55:55

We got to get his name.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 55:57

I don't remember his name. But yeah, I remember him like he had like a commercial where he was like working out and stuff. But yeah, he's always trying to get Beetlejuice to work out. But he doesn't want to because he's Beetlejuice.

Brittany Jasperson 56:09

Totally forgot about that.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 56:11

Anyways, that's my going off the rails for today.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 56:17

It's all good. It was still related somehow. Okay, are we ready? Are you ready for your first?

Ghoulster 56:23

Fables from our Familiar.

Brittany Jasperson 56:25

Yes, let's do it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 56:27

Okay, so, this Fable is about the People's Temple and the Jonestown Massacre. It all started with one charismatic leader Jim Jones. Jones grew up in a poor family from Indiana. He was described as an intelligent but strange child. He started as a street preacher and passionate advocate for racial equality. In 1955, he created his "church", The People's Temple, with a mix of ideals of Evangelic Christianity, new age, spirituality and social justice. The members were all decent, hardworking people, some even highly educated that wanted to help others. In 1965, Jones moved him and his church to California, he had come across an article that talked about the nine safest places in the world safest from a nuclear catastrophe. He convinced his followers to move to avoid an attack that was supposed to happen. This was around the time when he started describing himself as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and Buddha. He used religion to cover his true intentions to become an authoritarian leader.

Brittany Jasperson 57:34

I feel like it's such a bummer, because I feel like a lot of these cults start with like some sliver of good intention. And then it just goes terribly, terribly wrong somewhere along the way.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 57:46

Yeah, I think that that's kind of true with anybody that comes in contact with, like,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 57:53


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 57:53

Power, and you getting power, and it gets to you. And then you start to, you know, wield that power and start to, you know, use it for yourself in a selfish way. Charles Manson Actually, he had, it was the same thing with him and his cult, like he was a actor and a musician, but he never made anything of it. So then he kind of built this commune because he just wanted someone to like notice him and to love him. And then he got this power. And then he started wielding it for evil and to like go after the people that rejected him in Hollywood. That's why he ultimately murdered Sharon Tate, or his cult murdered Sharon Tate. So it's it's kind of a thing like a lot of these cult leaders. They just want to be noticed and then just gets to them.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 58:39

Yeah, power is sneaky and evil.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 58:43

And spooky.

Brittany Jasperson 58:45

Power and money both just amplify whoever you are.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 58:48

Oh, yeah.

Brittany Jasperson 58:49

The person, you can take that and do good with it. And if there's something maybe not so hot going on inside of you, then then it comes to light with power and or money.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 58:59


Ghost Hostess Mandy 58:59

That's a good point. So Jones demanded that members were to devote themselves to the church and their commune. In 1970, he started holding services in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Followers donated their personal wealth, including jewelry and homes. They were expected to work unpaid, long hours for the church, raise their children in the commune and break contact from their families. If they did not comply. They were blackmailed, because they signed false testimonials of molesting their children.

Brittany Jasperson 59:29

No, that's horrible.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 59:30

Yeah, that's a cult right there.

Brittany Jasperson 59:34

Go figure.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 59:36

In 1977, news started spreading that the people's temple wasn't all good. Members who quit were speaking out of the abuse. Jones knew he had to move again. He convinced his followers that the United States was still in danger of a nuclear war, and promised that their utopia would be free from the meddling media and government. He moved his commune to a remote area in Guyana and named it Jonestown. They're they would listen to Jones's monologue while they built a Jonestown from the ground up during the day and members attended mandatory classes at night. Back in the United States, parents of some of the members in the cult started getting concerned after receiving strange letters and some no letters at all. They started asking the government to investigate the commune. There was a custody battle over a six year old boy between Jones and ex members. Jones claimed to be the father of the child and kidnapped him taking him to Jonestown. Court orders demanded that he must hand over the child feeling threatened paranoia spread in the commune and the camp armed themselves with guns and machetes, they threatened to kill any outsiders who attempted to come in. They also held drills called White Nights, where they would practice a mass suicide if their commune ever got raided.

Brittany Jasperson 1:00:51

I feel like the second that guns come into it. You should like peace out of there. You're like, Okay, this is about peace and love. And we all work together and we don't need money. And that's great. And then once there's guns, it's like, I think I gotta go guys.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:01:06

Yeah, I think I think one cultt leaders feel that their power is being threatened. They're gonna they introduce, like, those types of things. I think the cult in Waco, they had the same thing too. That's where they had like that standoff. And when that bunch of people got killed, but they had like a, like, a little militia in there. And that's like pretty like, like that happens with a lot of cults, they start to feel like their power is wavering. So they start to like, arm themselves. And yeah, that's when you Peace out. Like Brit says.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:01:35

Well, the thing is.

Brittany Jasperson 1:01:37

Go ahead.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:01:38

Oh, I was just gonna say, to me, it's like, I bet they also get to the point where they can't even get out and feel safe.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:01:45

Yeah, at that point, when they start arming their citizens and like, creating like security, that's when they're like, nope, nobody's leaving.

Brittany Jasperson 1:01:53

It's made me wonder. Are there like, Scientology communes? Because I feel like a lot of this sounds a lot like what's going on right now with Scientology with like, all the blackmail and stuff, but I'm like, do they have communes like that?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:02:08

Maybe, I mean, I think any kind of organized group can sometimes, you know, have bad apples and stuff and doing these things. I know that the Mormon Church at some point, they had like a splinter group do that. And they created their own community, and then they would like blackball people that didn't follow the rules. So it just depends like people, there's always somebody that wants power, and then they'll do any means to like, they'll do anything to like, keep that power, if it's by force or blackmail, whatever. So it's possible.

Brittany Jasperson 1:02:44

Yeah, like take that original concept and are like, let me make this my own.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:02:48

Exactly, yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:02:49

Congressman Leo Ryan organized a group of people to investigate Jonestown with him. In 1978, the team took a trip to Jonestown. When they arrived, they encountered members who wanted to leave the commune and return to the United States, but a loyal Jonestown member attacked Brian and attempted to stop him. The team and the members who wanted to leave were escorted back to the airstrip to return home. As they boarded the plane the armed escorts opened fire. They killed Ryan and for others, some managed to get away running into the forest. This is when Jones announced that it was time to perform the final White Night. He told his followers that Ryan was murdered and officials were coming to take their children away. He convinced them that a revolutionary suicide was the only possible outcome. "If we can't live in peace, we will die in peace." He gave the order to kill the children first making sure to seal everyone's fate. Some followers drank poison punch a mix of cyanide and flavor aid, while others were injected with high doses of tranquilizers. The death toll at Jonestown that day was 909. And about 300 of those were children. Jones was found dead with an apparent self inflicted gunshot to the head. And that is where the saying don't drink the Kool Aid came from.

Brittany Jasperson 1:04:04

Is it bad that just made me really angry that he poisoned all these people, which I feel like would not be a good way to go. And then he just shoots himself like a weenie?