S2, E7: Spooky Music Vol. I

It's a music extravaganza with The Ghoul Mates and special guests Nihilist Abyss and Nino Lucarelli!

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Ghoulster 0:01

Welcome foolish Ghoulsters to the podcast that keeps the spirit of Halloween alive all year through pop culture and nostalgia and now it's love at first fright with The Ghoul Mates.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:17

Hi guys, welcome back to The Ghoul Mates. I'm your Ghost Hostess Mandy.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:21

And I'm your Master of Scaremonies, Rudy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 0:24

We are so excited to finally have a music episode. We've seen a few of you are super excited about the new Netflix movie, Hubie Halloween and ghoul oh goal Do we have a treat for you. Today we are going to be joined by the artist who is featured on the Hubie Halloween trailer. And then we'll be talking about our experiences with music, and we will end with an interview with my new favorite spooky artists Nihilist Abyss. So let's get this party started with

Ghoulster 0:56

Horror Trivia.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 0:57

All right, spook fans. Here we go. What 2000 Netflix film involves a boy who accidentally witnesses a cult ritual in his house and has to survive the night.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:09

Oh my god, The Babysitter.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:12

That is correct.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:15

I believe I like knew as soon as you were saying it.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:18

other one was The Blair Witch Project that was gonna give you that one. But I wanted you to have a god win.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:23

You're mean, Okay. Let's see. Oh, interesting. Okay. Oh, man, what 2012 slasher film is a story about an annual ritual sacrifice to appease the ancient ones.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:42

The Babysitter? Wait, no, wait. Where does it take place?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:50

Doesn't say.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:52

I have no idea.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:53

Annual ritual sacrifice to appease the ancient ones.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:59

Is it um Halloween three Season Season of the Witch?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:03

In 2012?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:05

I'm sorry. 2012. I have no idea.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:07

Dang. I would have known this one. I got you, boo.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:10

What is it?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:11

It's Cabin in the Woods.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:12

Yeah, that's a good movie. I like that movie. We should watch that one.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:15

Yeah, I do. I like that movie a lot, too. All right. So

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:19

I'm stumped for the first. This is the first time I've been stumped in a long time.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:23

Yep. All right. I will keep today's

Ghoulster 2:27

Haunted Housekeeping

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:28

short. We just want to give a major thank you to all of our Instagram followers who have shown so much love to our photos over the past couple of weeks. It means so much to get our work out there and seen. Especially when it's a photo that I see Rudy put all of his heart into so you guys who stepped up and gave us that push. Thank you so much. And one other important note, we've been teasing this for so long. And it's finally happening. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel because Tales from the Tent is premiering on Tuesday, October 13 at 7pm. Mountain Standard Time. You don't want to miss this guys. We've been working so hard on it. Our Familiar did an amazing job producing this and well what can I say? I'm so excited to unleash Rudy's real passion for video with you guys. Okay, um, anyway, on that, no, sorry, I just got a little emotional because we've been working on it for so long, and it's here. Please support us.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 3:35

I know. Yeah, you and Oscar have done an amazing job just like getting the things I need to put it all together. So it's, it's been incredible.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 3:43

It's it's very exciting. We haven't worked together on something like this before, like a narrative.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 3:49

Oh, yeah, we haven't done anything, yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 3:50

Full production thing. So

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 3:52

yeah, and, and like, look real quick. I know that we wanted to do like, that 48 hour thing this summer, and we couldn't because of the virus. So I'm just really happy and excited about doing this narrative piece with you guys.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 4:06

So on Tuesday, we're gonna be having a premiere on YouTube. So for those of you who don't know, that means that if you go to our channel at that set premiere time, you will see the video play as a live premiere, you won't be able to like skip the timestamp, nothing. It's going to be live. So be sure you're tuning in right at seven. And there will be a chat party to the right of it on the window. So I don't know that it works on like TVs. So you have to do it from an actual computer.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 4:35

Yeah, you have to either do it from a computer or I think you can do it on the phone too.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 4:41

Oh, yeah. Cuz you did do it on the phone for episode. So if you do that, like I said at seven, there's a little chat party you can actually talk to whoever's watching the premiere at that time, and we will be on there talking with whoever wants to join us and see our first Tales from the Tent episode.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 4:57

Yes, please be gentle with the comments. I have a sensitive heart.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 5:03

I know we're all like, we're very excited. But we're also very nervous because like, what, what is everyone gonna say about it? So we do want to warn you guys though, we're not trying to set high expectations, but I also don't want anyone to go in there expecting everything you've seen from us. That's like spooky and cute and high energetic. It's very different. And so for those of you who have mentioned to me that Fables From Our Familiar is a little spooky for you. Please be warned that Tales from the Tent is going to be a little scarier and definitely more visually scary.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 5:39


Ghost Hostess Mandy 5:39

So just be warned, go in there carefully. But if you guys are really wanting to get a little spooked, turn off your lights, get in a dark room and get ready for a mood.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 5:51


Ghost Hostess Mandy 5:52

Okay, so let's get this show on the road. So if you all have seen the Hubie Halloween trailer, I'm sure you have heard this awesome rendition of the People Are Strange covered by The Doors. It turns out our friend Nino Lucarelli, was actually one of the artists on that song that is featured on the trailer. We were so excited to find out that he got this fantastic opportunity. So we thought we'd have a quick chat with him so you can hear a bit more about his music.

Ghoulster 6:19

And now let's give a Ghoulster welcome to Nino.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 6:25

Hey, Nino, thanks for joining us today.

Nino Lucarelli 6:28

Hey guys, how are you?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 6:30

Pretty good.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 6:31

We are good in spooky season mode.

Nino Lucarelli 6:34

Yes, the best time of the year!

Ghost Hostess Mandy 6:36

It is. Okay. So do you want to kind of tell our ghoulsters a little bit about yourself and what kind of music you create?

Nino Lucarelli 6:44

Sure, sure. I'm super happy to be here. My name is Nino lucarelli. I'm a singer, songwriter, music producer and an artist. I collaborate with a lot of different artists out there. Mostly electronic artists, electronic DJs, and producers. Some of the people I worked with that are more widely known are KAAZE, Dub Vision, Raiden, baraque, eater, and many, many other people around the world. I get I get the pleasure of singing and writing songs and working with them on their music. And I also, I also make my own music as well. I do a lot of pop and rock and fun stuff like that.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 7:25

Awesome. That is all of this is just so exciting to hear everything come full circle. We were super excited to hear about your song being featured on the Hubie Halloween trailer. And I especially think this is a treat to share with everyone because it's crazy to see how our podcast comes full circle sometimes. So for those of you listening who have been following along since the very first episode, this here is our friend Nino that we mentioned when we talked about the Halloween Party that we wore our Frankenstein and The Bride costume to so it's so cool to have you on the show.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 7:56

Yes thats right.

Nino Lucarelli 7:57

Yeah, but thanks for coming to the party. By the way, that was what we're planning on doing another one as soon as it makes sense. Which who knows when that'll be right?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 8:05

Exactly. Yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 8:06

Well, we look forward to it. So that being said, we know you're a huge Halloween fan. So what would you say your top three songs to get into the Halloween mood are?

Nino Lucarelli 8:16

Yes, absolutely. My top three October songs. Number one, of course, the Monster Mash. It has to be you cannot have a Halloween party without the Monster Mash.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 8:27

For sure.

Nino Lucarelli 8:29

Number two, got to throw it back to my younger years House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance is a great great Halloween party tune for all the punk rockers and, and crazy costumes. And then more recently, actually, I have another song that I worked on with KAAZE, which is the guy that I worked with for the Hubie Halloween song. We have a song called The Evil Folk. And it is a rendition of an old 1800s melody chant that everyone's heard of. And it's one of those things where when you hear it, you're like, oh, that song. We have a version of that. That's super halloweeny and super, super party appropriate and danceable. And I've really really enjoyed putting that on. When we're doing fun Halloween stuff.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 9:19

Yeah, we heard it and I really liked it too, because I was going through your music and I that one stuck out to me too.

Nino Lucarelli 9:25

Thank you. Yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 9:26

So do you kind of want to tell us about the process of getting your song featured on the Hubie Halloween trailer like did you know it was gonna get used?

Nino Lucarelli 9:34

Sure. So the craziest thing is I found out it was gonna be in the movie. 24 hours beforehand, I woke up to an email. It was kind of like hey, we've been working on this for a long time but it's final and you'll see it in the trailer tomorrow. It's the song of course is the cover of The Doors song People Are Strange. And it's with two artists. KAAZE which is my friend Mick Kastenholt from Sweden. He's better known as the big electronic producer KAAZE. And also another artist who goes by the name of Maddix. To really awesome dudes. We did the festival version of People Are Strange. And that version caught the ears of I guess someone on the team at Hubie Halloween and, and here we are. And it was just a it's been crazy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 10:23

That's awesome. So I don't think we even went into this. But do you want to share what your role in that song was? Like? Are you singing on it? Did you produce it?

Nino Lucarelli 10:31

Um, yeah, I'm singing on the song. I did do some guitar parts as well. So kind of just did the the rock and roll approach, you know, the screaming vocals and the crazy guitar riffs? Some electronic music.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 10:45

Very cool.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 10:46

I wanted to know why People Are Strange. Why that song?

Nino Lucarelli 10:52

Ah, well, you know, I think KAAZE when, when he picks when he picks his his his covers that he wants to work on. He likes to pick his songs that mean a lot to them and People Are Strange, I think is perfectly set up in the the speed of the song and, and the way that the story is told in it, it's perfectly set up to get transposed into an electronic version. Something that could play at a festival or, you know, could work behind a DJ booth. And for me, the reason why I'm glad he took People Are Strange is because it happens to sit in a really great area for my voice where I can sing the low part and the beginning, the breathy low part that Jim does. But then in the the second time it comes around, I can like do it the octave higher and like bring the energy punch it needs, which is again, great for you know, a festival scenario when you have a song that continually grows. That's what you want, you know, you want to have something people can continually get energetic about.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 11:58

That's awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 11:59


Nino Lucarelli 11:59


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 12:00

Tell us a little bit more about the music projects you're working on right now. And what can we expect from you from the future?

Nino Lucarelli 12:07

Sure. So right now, I'm always working on music, I'm always writing and singing on songs. I usually have at least a release every month with a different awesome artists. And I'm also working on some really, really, really awesome big stuff. For myself and my own music. I'm working on a new alias, that I'm going to start going as Neen N-E-E-N. And I already have one song out through that that's that's got a lot of the same great stuff as the People Are Strange cover the same vibes. So that is something that I'm really excited to share with people that more of my own music is coming. And that is you can find out about that just by you know, any you could search @NinoLucarelli on Instagram, or Spotify, any of the services, you search my name and it'll come up. But I'm really excited to see what people think of my own music now that I can do that, you know.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 13:02


Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:03

That's exciting. Well, thank you so much for joining us today. Again, guys. Please check out his music on Spotify. Is there any other platforms that you mentioned? Sorry?

Nino Lucarelli 13:13

Yeah, I'm on everything. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, all the services.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:19

Yeah, for sure. And we will be including a link in our show notes so you guys can check out his music.

Nino Lucarelli 13:25

Thanks so much, guys. I really appreciate it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:33

Alright, guys, if you're interested in hearing more of our thoughts on the actual movie, Hubie Halloween, we actually released a bonus episode on our Patreon about it, where we also talked about Happy Halloween, Scooby Doo. So the episode is called Scooby Hubie Doo.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 13:50

I came up with that. So people know.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:53

Yeah, he kind of did. You help me get there.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 13:56

Yeah, cuz I did say Scooby Hubie. And you're like,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:59


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 14:00

Doo. I was like perfect.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:03

So if you're interested in hearing that it's a little different from what we do on here. It's off the cuff. Very just what were our thoughts? Let's jump on and talk to everyone about it.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 14:13

It's Rudy style.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:14

It is Rudy style.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 14:16

And off the beaten path.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:17

Yeah. So you can learn more at Patreon.com/TheGhoulMates if you want to check that out. But today we're here to talk about music. So our music preferences are all over the place to say the least I'm sure you guys have noticed it. If you've been listening to the podcast for the past season and a half now holy crap. We're halfway through the season. So a few people have been asking us for a music episode and music recommendations. And so we thought okay, let's just make this a super random music party and bring on two indie artists and then talk about some of our mainstream influences, too. So before we get into that, let's kind of establish our experience with music. So, kick it, Rudy.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:02

I'm gonna kick it Mandy. Yeah, I would say like Halloween. Music has always been a part of my life a big part of my life.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:12


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:13

Specifically because of my dad again. Because he's so cool. And my mom too. I kind of learned about Mexican music through my mom. And I also learned about like, old school 50s 60s and 70s music from my dad, like American music,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:33


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:34

American rock and roll all these different things. My dad had like, tons of vinyl records, little 45's, the bigger records and then my mom had tapes from like Luis Miguel to Selena. So we were constantly always listening to music in my parents house,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:50


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:51

Fast forward a couple of years. And still stuck with me from like, I remember in high school. I had like this big. It was the thing that everybody had was like a, like a Sony disc, man.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 16:05

Mm hmm.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 16:06

or CDs. So everybody had one of those before even iPads and are not iPads, but iPods and iPhones and stuff like that.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 16:12


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 16:12

You had that in your big JNCO Jeans. Tucked away listening to it. Even like, people had tape cassettes. I had a bunch of tapes, too. And, you know, I had like a big like, sleeve, I guess on a sleeve is kind of like a booklet.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 16:28


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 16:29

And it had like, all these CDs and stuff. And I had that, like I used to skate in high school. Not very well. But I had like a really big skateboarding backpack. And I had like, all those things in there. So I always have like, some CD, like to be like the soundtrack of my life, you know, right. But, you know, I also played an instrument in middle school, Mandy laughs at me. Because she's like, She's like, I know, you didn't play an instrument. I'm like, excuse me. I played the full size Viola in middle school. She laughed at me, which like she's doing right now. But I'm not like a musician or anything. I think my parents got me a guitar at some point. And I never learned how to use it. I still have it. Because, you know, it's cool.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 17:16

I just want to say that I'm not laughing at the fact that you played viola, I'm laughing because of the face

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 17:21

Becuase i was shocked?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 17:22

when you told me because

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 17:24

Because i looked offended?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 17:25

I Well, it's cuz we were like driving in the car. And I was like, telling him the show notes for today. And I'm like, I know you haven't played but like, I know you love music. And you talk about like your experience. And he's like, I played an instrument. But it just like, I don't know how to explain it, because I obviously didn't know him as a child. But like his reaction when he did it, like I pictured him as a little kid telling me like, I played the viola.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 17:54

This is what I have to deal with every day. I live in my own shame in my own house. Other than that, I also remembered my dad, he listened to a lot of radio. And he was listening to a lot of public access radio when I was young. And he's like, Hey, I'm the local, you know, what's called NPR station. They play like, different music that I think you'd like and then ended up being like these, it was like one or the other. It was like an early electronic or EDM segment, or they have like electronic music, or punk rock, and ska. And I was like, Whoa, that's crazy. So I kind of got my love from that too. And I was like, record, like these long tapes of just like the whole show. never listen to that music all the time. But, you know, Music has always been there. It's always been part of my life and kind of influences, you know, every piece of art that I do,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 18:58


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 18:59

You know, from like taking photos, or doing videos and stuff. You know, it's always been there professionally at some point. You know, when I got older, and I was doing video, one of the things I love to do was to go shoot music festivals.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 19:16

Mm hmm.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 19:16

So like my world, expanded even more when you'd have all these acts come in and stuff. And then being on stage with the bands, and seeing the energy that they bring and capturing that you kind of like feel a part of, you know, that band and feeling their energy. So, you know, I love music and influences everything that I do every day. And being able to, like, take part in somebody's performance and like capture it is just amazing.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 19:44

It's interesting. I wasn't even planning this, but you kind of made me realize that when we go to music shows, um, you always bring that up about how like, there's no better feeling than like being on the stage of that happening. And I'm like, I know becuase i feel that when I sing and so I'll kind of get into that more. So I need to backtrack. But is there anything else you wanted to add into it?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 20:09

Um, for the most part, that's like, my overview. I mean, I've had, I have a lot of like, stories about me being on stage with different bands. If somebody if you guys want to ever want to hear about that, let me know, let us know. And I can have a small discussion about like, my stories is a bunch of crazy ones. But yeah, I mean, music is very important in my life.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 20:31

Yeah, for sure.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 20:32

I remember when I saw you sing for the first time.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 20:35

Oh, I forgot about that part.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 20:37

It was very important for me to see you. Because you ended my karaoke career, because I was like, I'm never gonna do karaoke again. Because it was so good.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 20:45

It's funny because like, I kept telling you, I sing, I sing and you were like, okay, whatever. Yeah. Like Halloween, you're like, sure you like Halloween? Okay.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 20:57

Oh, yeah, I'll never forget that day. They fell in love with you a second time.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:01


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 21:02

But why don't you talk to us about your love affair with music? What does it mean to you?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:07

Um, so me too. It starts like, since I was a kid, I think. So my dad and my brother actually had a band when I was growing up. And so I was always around music all the time. Like they were always practicing in the garage, or they'd have gigs and we'd go see them. And that kind of just, like, founded my love for music. And I always wanted to be a part of that, I guess.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 21:32


Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:33

So I started singing and of course, I developed a huge love for Selena. Selena Quintanilla Perez, not Selena Gomez. And I was actually so obsessed with Selena that when the movie came out, then the VHS came out. I watched it so many times that it literally broke and they had to buy me the DVD. And I memorized the entire movie. Like I can actually act it out for you from the beginning to the end.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 22:00

That's true. It's very, very true.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 22:02

Another thing you didn't believe till you saw.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 22:04

I was very shocked when you were getting all the lines. I'm like, What am I? What's going on here?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 22:09

Yeah. And so I think Selena was a huge influence on me. I've kind of always gone through phases in my life, which you also experience where I obsess over a specific artist.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 22:24

Yeah, true.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 22:24

Like constantly, like I start to listen to every single song, watch every performance listened to every single lyric. Like I just become so entranced with it. And Selena was the first person for that. But another little side note was I, I've kind of talked about it before, but I grew up like really close to my brother. And my brother has, well, he was he is a guitarist, and a singer. And so I grew up with a lot of his musical influence, too, which was a lot of like Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani. He actually showed me No Doubt. And so I think, all over the places where Rudy and I disagree are like my personal influences. But where we meet in the middle is the things that my brother showed me.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 23:10

Right. Because we're like, he's like, he's older than me, right? By

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:15

He's a little older than you.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 23:17

A couple of years. So I can see that we had like, a lot of the same influences growing up. So we, we pretty much listen to a lot of the same things.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:26

Yes. And so that's kind of where we mostly agree, I think is where those influences from my brother came. But another thing I wanted to note, too, was being around like, the live music at such such a young age was kind of like what made me fall in love with the idea of singing. And so I'm gonna say, I know Rudy's building me up here. I'm not a professional singer. I sing for fun as a hobby.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 23:52

No, when I sing karaoke, it was fun for a hobby. And that's why I retired because you blew me out of the water.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:59

No, but what I'm saying is like, I wouldn't officially say like, I am a professional singer, I will, I will say like, I am a professional in marketing and I know strategy,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 24:12


Ghost Hostess Mandy 24:12

But I can't say I'm like, musically trained, or anything.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 24:17

Um, you were trained by your family, because they're musicians and they, you know, pushed you and work and work with you to like, develop that voice.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 24:27

I guess that's true.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 24:28

So you're you're you're a semi professional.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 24:31

semi professional, retired, I guess because I don't even get to practice anymore.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 24:36

But you do get paid in compliments for me.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 24:43

Um, so yeah, I just like I said, I've gone through phases where I become obsessed with certain artists for different reasons. But I will say that I think the number one important thing for me with music is lyrics. Like if it doesn't have like, Actual singing in it, I can't really find an interest in it. And if it does have singing, I have to be able to understand the words the singers saying. And they have to resonate with me.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 25:10


Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:10

So that's my big thing. So obviously, we have like, a huge range of music we're crazy about. But we sat down and we thought, where does all of this connect when it comes to spooky music? And we thought, let's give the Ghoulsters something special. And finally, create a playlist because it's been on my list to do this for a while. And so it was so hard because the music is all over the place. You guys hear it? I mean, we go from like, what Evanescence to what have you mentioned? I don't think you mentioned music too much.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 25:46

I havent mentioned a lot. Um, um, Green Day, Kustice, Smashing Pumpkins, just everything.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:54

Yeah, there's like a huge variety. And that's just like your stuff, and then you throw mine in.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 25:59

Yeah, I do listen to a lot of stuff.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 26:02

We both do. So that's what made it so hard, because the music's all over the place. And of course, there were just some songs that like, didn't make sense. So we plan to make another playlist later. But it turns out, some of them actually blend it together really well. So surprise, you can check out The Ghoul Mates Volume One playlist on Spotify. So the link is in the show notes. And I think we just kind of wanted to talk about the music that went into the playlist and why we chose it. So you'll notice music from both Nino and Nihilist Abyss are on there. But there's also a weird combination of everything from The Killers to Katy Perry, to Evanescence, to Smashing Pumpkins. So for me, I always want a playlist to, like, play out like a story, right? Earlier, you mentioned that you used to do CDs. Yeah. And they were like a soundtrack to your life at that time. Correct. And so that's kind of how I treat playlist. Like, it's funny because I didn't get too much into it. But, um, I did grow up in the iPod generation. So like, when I was in high school, I begged my mom for an iPod. And for me playlists, I did get go through the phase of like, creating CDs and stuff.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 27:13


Ghost Hostess Mandy 27:13

But But as I've gotten older, Spotify has, like, always been there for me to create playlists at phases in my life. And one of those playlists is actually from when I met you,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 27:24


Ghost Hostess Mandy 27:24

And a lot of songs are usually pulled from there when I think of spooky names. So I wanted to put together like a playlist that had this mood, right, of course, because we want it to be spooky. But you'll notice it starts like really energetic with some like almost classical vibes. And then you go on a ride from Super energetic to mellow and lovey, energetic again. And so I think it's a whole vibe. I hope that you guys enjoy. So let's dig in. You want to talk about some of your choices?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 27:58

Yeah, when you're talking about spooky stuff. I wanted to kind of include some stuff that people have heard of.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:09


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 28:09

So they're not confused on like what they're listening to. Because my idea of spookiness is different from a lot of people's.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:17


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 28:18

One of the songs I did choose was Tonight Tonight from The Smashing Pumpkins, mostly because of the music video because the song is not spooky itself, but the music video is kind of spooky.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:29

Mm hmm.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 28:30

Like the characters in the music video. Has this 1920s feel to it? It it draws a lot of inspiration from Georges Méliès A Trip to the Moon.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:44


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 28:44

It's one of the first movies actually ever made. I think it's like the second or first one but it was a science fiction film or like these characters go to the moon to see and study it and then they come back to Earth but it's very heavily influenced on that and the characters in Tonight Tonight they have like this ghostly like feel to it and I and I thought that was like really spooky and and always like stuck to me that music video is like really cool. Another band that I think that I think is super spooky is Nine Inch Nails. Yeah, specifically Trent Reznor. He's very, you know, Edgar Allan Poe-ish slash Vincent Price-ish, mad scientist. And like, all the stuff they do is always been experimental. I could say they're like one of the few bands that didn't I guess, quote unquote, sellout.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 29:39

Mm hmm.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 29:40

And, you know, one of the songs that are that's in the playlist is The Perfect Drug and it was a single I don't think it was part of any album. And I really love that music video too, because if you watch it, it has that like Edgar Allan Poe feel to it. But it's very, you know, very dramatic. very spooky. Like most of their work, you know, it's very like, odd in and kind of intense and you know, unsettling but it's just like very beautiful at the same time. Yeah. So I just really think that you know, along with like Rob Zombie and you know, Marilyn Manson I think Nine Inch Nails is kind of like that perfect. ghastly, like ghost feeling you get I don't know, it's just hard to explain. It's just always been there. That's kind of I don't know, it kind of like touches your soul in a way.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 30:37


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 30:38

It's just like really good stuff. Like I love Trent Reznor stuff. It's always it's always been good, especially stuff that he's done with like, um, Atticus Ross. And he's done a lot of stuff for movies, a lot of soundtracks. So yeah, Nine Inch Nails for sure.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 30:52

Yeah, I actually hadn't seen either of the two videos until you showed them to me while we were like putting all of this stuff together. And I have to say that I think the video for Nine Inch Nails actually looks like the real version of what What We Do in the Shadows is doing ironically.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:11

Yeah, exactly.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:12

It was it was interesting. And it's cool, because I personally hadn't really seen something like that before. So

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:18


Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:19

Check out the video guys.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:20

Yeah, I love that video.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:22

Um, did you have anything else you wanted to add?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:25

I mean, what else we have we I mean, another song that I really enjoyed was Seven Devils from

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:36

Florence and the Machine.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:37

Florence and the Machine. Sorry. That's a really good, really good song. A lot of stuff that Florence does is really good. I saw her at Coachella like, years ago. And when she performed this song, it was like, it was awesome. And she did on a broken leg too, because she had broken it a week before. And it was just like, like her stuff is just so good.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:56

Yeah, I feel like we can make an entire Florence Spooky playlist. I love them.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:02

Yes, she has this kind of like witchy like good witch

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:07


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:08

to it. Like, she's just like, not like spooky or any like witches in general are spooky. But like she's kind of like a good witch. So she has all these magical powers that kind of feels like,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:20

Yeah, I don't know how to explain it. But I agree.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:23

I mean, there is like hints of spookiness, especially with Seven Devils. But it's just like herself is like, so good. And it's like, nothing that I've really heard of, like heard heard out there. It's so different.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:35

It's hard. Because like, for me, I think we mentioned before, like, what do I listen to when I'm in the fall mode? And it's Florence. But then it's always like, oh, because like I'll get in that mood. And it's like, how do I keep this going?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:47


Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:47

There's nothing else you can put it with.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:50

Yeah not really? I mean, the only other thing that I can think of this fall but not spooky is John Mayer.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:57


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:58

All of his stuff is very, like fall and like let's cuddle up on the on the couch with a blanket with some soup. But it's not spooky, you know?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:07


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:09

I can't really think of anything else. It's kind of spooky and like heartfelt

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:13

Like her.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:14

Yeah, like she's very unique.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:18


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:19

And I guess the last artists that I I included in there was this electronic band called Dance with the Dead. And you know, they have a lot of like 80s slasher music. Like in the vein of stuff that you would hear on Friday the 13th or the stuff that John Carpenter put together.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:42

Okay, that makes sense. Now that you're saying that's where

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:45

it's so it's a lot of synth stuff, but it's also combined with modern EDM stuff. So it's very, like intense and stuff. It's very like Kovensky I don't know if anybody's heard that band but a lot of their stuff was in Drive, right? Yeah, Drive with, what's that hunks name?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:07

Ryan Gosling.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:07

Ryan Gosling. But yeah, it's very cynthy very 80s very like intense. I would probably listen to it to get like the workout or or have a some type of like a montage where I'm like getting ready to like, battle some zombies or a slasher so very intense. There is actually in we'll try to I'll see if we can share it somehow. They did a cover of a of the theme song to Nightmare on Elm Street.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:38

Oh, I think you've shown it to me before

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:40

And it's really cool. It just like nightmare noun streets theme song is pretty spooky but this one kind of like, makes you want to dance to

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:49


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:49

So it's pretty cool.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:50

I have to say before we move forward that when I was growing up like in high school, so what like the mid O's Rudy hates it. But there was this like super popular trance mix of the Halloween theme song. That was like, didi didi didi it did it did it did did.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:10

I don't remember that.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:11

I've shown it to you before. And it's this it's like this heavy trance mix of the Halloween theme song. And like, it used to be super popular in like cardio workouts and like if you went to kickboxing classes, I wonder if anyone else heard that mix. I'm gonna like hunt it down on YouTube and share it with like our Patreon, because it was like such a vibe. Like every time it would come on. I was like, Yes. And I think I showed it to you once and you were like, Oh my god, this is a nightmare. So yeah, that was a little guilty pleasure of mine.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:45

What about you? What are your Why don't you talk about the songs you included?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:49

So I'm gonna you kept it so concise and I have like so many emotions about the songs. I chose

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:58

Because it's because I've listened to some so much music. And a lot of it has nothing to do with spookiness.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:05

I know.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:05

I could talk about music forever. But you know, I never really put together spookiness with music, right? The only song I can think of that has to do with spookiness that's always on my mind is Michael Jackson's Thriller, but that's everybody's

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:20


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:22

Right. But yeah, for the most part, like, I don't know, it's just that's how I feel about like, the songs that I chose for this spook. It's spooky, but, you know, my catalogue is a lot larger than than just spooky.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:36

Yeah, no, I get you, I guess. In general, I usually have a lot more to say about things than you do.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:42

That's true.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:44

So I will say that there is a song from Kim Petras on there. I hope I'm pronouncing her name right. Kim Petras. I should have asked Oscar before this, but I wanted to say that I actually started the playlist. And I started it with Kim Petras as kind of like a tribute to our familiar, because he's the one who actually showed me this album. And he's done a lot for us. And he deserved to be represented in this playlist, too. So the song is called Massacre. And I thought it was just like a really cool, spooky way to start things off, kind of build up. And then there's another song on there too, from The Killers called bones. I'm sure everyone has heard it. And Oscar and I bonded through The Killers originally when we first became friends. And so that kind of was like another little tribute for him. And I've just always loved the song like it's perfect for spooky couples.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 37:36

Yeah, the The Killers are solid,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 37:38

For sure. Which is one of the bands you've actually been able to film.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 37:42

Yeah, I remember they did a secret show in El Paso, Texas, because they did a regular show. And then a couple of my friends, they were in contact with the people that did the booking. And like, hey, they're gonna do a secret show just show up at this place. And it's gonna be fun. And I was able to like stand in front with Brandon Flowers, gave him a high five well I didn't give him a high five, but I was that close. And it was just really cool. Just being that close to The killers. Brandon Flowers is pretty small.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 38:12

We should share that video with our Ghoulsters Yeah, we can do that. We I will post that in our Patreon or our Discord actually, I think that'll be cool. Perfect for this week. Um, and so let's see, um, there is a song on there. So for those of you who have had a chance, were going to listen to our bonus Patreon episode of Hubie Halloween. I mean, Scooby Hubie Doo. Rudy kind of mentioned the movie fun size in there. And so I saw the movie Fun Size. Back when Rudy was traveling a lot for work by myself in October, and it was like the night I was gonna go pick him up. And the music in that movie was like so good. It was one of those, like, soundtracks that had a ton of like, more indie alternative music that wasn't like mainstream. And this song is called Masquerade. And it's by sleeping that last, and it put me in the most romantic spooky mood. Like I listened to it on replay that night when I was going to pick up Rudy because he talks the guy talks about how like he wants to dress up in a Halloween costume is whatever she wants him to be.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:20

Oh, yeah, I remember that.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:21

Yeah, and it's just such a romantic song. And we're The Ghoul Mates. I had to include something super cheesy in there.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:28

It's pretty cheesy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:29

But you liked it.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:30

From one to 10 Cheetos. It's a it's a nine on the Cheeto scale. It's pretty cheesy,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:38

but it's good.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:39

It's pretty good

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:40

Okay to put into perspective though. So I told Rudy, I'm gonna have to mention this. The Twilight movies actually had like some really good alternative soundtracks like the first one had Muse, Linkin Park, Paramore, and then the breaking down, breaking down, the Breaking Dawn soundtrack actually had a song from this same band called Turning Page, which was one of my favorite songs. That's not a spooky song, but it's a really good romantic song. So the Fun Size soundtrack was really cool because it featured a lot of like,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:14

The same artists.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 40:15

Yeah, not that

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:16

The same feel.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 40:17

Yeah, same feel not as mainstream. And yeah, that's another reason why I really like One Tree Hill is because the music was very alternative with my mood. So, earlier, I said that I obsess over artists. And so I don't know how I went from Selena to Britney Spears. We'll pretend Britney Spears didn't happen. And then I discovered rock music, I guess I think I might have mentioned this before I discovered Linkin Park. And then from there, I fell in love with Evanescence. And for a really long time. I was completely obsessed with Evanescence. Like I love her voice. I loved the lyrics to the music. I loved everything. But then I became obsessed with Katy Perry, which is weird. How does someone go from Evanescence to Katy Perry?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:11

How does someone go there?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:12

So this goes back to my weird nerdiness. But I fell in love with her branding.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:18

With Katy Perry branding?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:19

Yes, yeah. Um, I originally like, wasn't into her. I thought that her whole like I kissed a girl being was like such a, like, sellout thing to do, because she had a really good voice. Like, one time I randomly tried singing, I kissed a girl and karaoke. And there's like a part in it the very like, like the climax of the song.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:38


Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:39

And I was like, holy crap. That's a high note. Like, why is she doing this?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:43

Wasn't she like in a rock band before?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:46

Uh, yeah, she kind of had roots in I don't remember what the name of it was. But she had like a really challenging time trying to like get established.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:54


Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:55

And I didn't know anything about her, of course, at this time when I discovered her. But when I finally sang the song and karaoke, ironically, I was like, What the hell like that was a really high note to hit, like, Why is she resorting to these things? Like, it's obviously just the thing to get, like popular.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 42:16


Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:18

So but then I listened to her album. And it was like, really good. Like, if you listen to it, there's some alternative in there. One of my favorite songs is called Mannequin. I can go on and on about Katy Perry. But what I really wanted to say was her Prism album had some really good songs. And I chose to add Spiritual to it because I feel like everybody knows the pop bubbly version of Katy Perry. But her influences are actually like, clean. And I'm blanking now because I'm putting me on the spot. But she's not this pop girl that everyone makes her out to be. And when I really felt like hardcore in love with her was during Teenage Dream because her branding was so cohesive and onpoint like she created this whole like, candy-fornia cotton candy clouds, like every single thing down to like her lyrics matched her theme. And you guys are getting to know me, I love themes. And so she was just like, super consistent and who she was down to, like, every single word every way she like promoted anything she did was this cohesive dream she created. And it showed in the album like I think it was. She's the only artist to have more singles number one singles in one album than Michael Jackson.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:40

Yeah, I have to agree with you there. I I didn't really think much of Katy Perry. Before I met you, and then you kind of had me listen to a lot of stuff. And she's really talented. I think she's very underrated.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 43:53

She is underrated. And people don't respect her.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:56

I don't know. Yeah, I don't understand that either. I think maybe a lot of people hate on her because she's super talented. And she's really good looking.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 44:07


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 44:08

like too good looking at some sometimes.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 44:10

Yeah and that's the thing like she's never won a Grammy. But just like Taylor Swift, she has written every single one of her songs. She plays the guitar, she can stand there, play the guitar and sing and stay in tune most of the time. So it's just this constant. Like I don't know why she gets so much hate. And I will admit that her Witness stage was a little weird. And I couldn't really resonate with the music. But outside of that, she's starting to come back. She's happy. She's mentally healthy. Again, I think I think part of it was she was very unhappy and I don't want to get too much into it. But I really wanted to focus on the Prism album, and there's more coming out other playlists. But the Spiritual song is a really good introduction to who Katy Perry really is. And not this like pop, bubbly person that everyone has made her out to be.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:00

True. I just hope that she gets her black hair back at some point.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:06

I know. I know you're saying because you think she's more attractive that way. I do too naturally, but I don't know.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:12

It's because like, I don't know, I don't feel that she's Katy Perry with that hair.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:17

Agreed. It's like, weird.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:19

It doesn't it has nothing to do with her looking better. I mean, she does look better with her dark hair. She's just not Katy Perry right now to me. Without her dark, long hair.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:30

Yeah. Which like, she's kind of reason I adopted the the bangs that I have now. And she's not that person no more.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:37

I know. I mean, I know that she drew a lot of inspiration from the Katy Keene comic book from Archie Comics. And a lot of those characters she created are very Halloween. But they all have like that dark hair that signature dark hair. And I miss that, like all of her characters had that same hair or some kind of colored hair. So I kind of miss that dark hair.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:59

Yeah, it's interesting. Like, I don't know. I don't know, I have like a lot to say. And if I start I'm never gonna stop. Um, so I will leave it at that. I hope you guys can. If you're not open to Katy Perry, I hope that this song changes that for you. It's very 80s alternative. Not all of her music is like that. I'm not gonna lie. But songs like that, like are rare throughout her music career. And those are the moments when you're like, dang, she is not what she's made out to be. She's so much more.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 46:34

Give her a shot guys. And I mean, guys, as dudes, she's more than just a looker. Got the brain too.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 46:42

Yeah, for sure. And I'll have to say that I'm Katy Perry is a big part of Ghost Hostess Mandy in the sense that she's the one who like inspired me to be creative and like dress up all the time. Oscar will tell you bless his heart. He's put up with me in some really weird stages. But there were like times when I would wear wigs for like everything because of Katy Perry. I would always wear like fake eyelashes. And I didn't care back to like the whole. I was just like, so free to be who I wanted to be. And Katy Perry like really inspired that in me for a while. And then I like again, as I mentioned, kind of grew up and out of it but Ghost Hostess Mandy is back. And I'm letting the world know that I love Katy Perry. Um, and then just I kind of touched on it. Evanescence. You guys know, I mean, what spooky girl doesn't like Evanescence. But one of the songs that I really love from them is called Lacrymosa and it's, I guess, a rendition of a Mozart song. Not a rendition. I don't know. It's sampled?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 47:55

She like she has her own lyrics, right?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 47:58

Yes. But she took part of the actual Lacrymosa song also.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 48:01

Oh, yeah. I think they they took the arrangement. And the

Ghost Hostess Mandy 48:06


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 48:06

Paired it with different lyrics.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 48:08

Mm hmm.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 48:09

Um, I don't know what I guess it's a mashup or remix.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 48:14


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 48:15

But yeah, I've heard it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 48:16

Uh, yeah, so that's actually I think probably my number one favorite Evanescence song. Because of that, I just thought it was like, really cool. And it's not one of her fa- like famous number one songs. Everybody knows it's really cool. So that being said, you all know how much I love Evanescence, and I know that some of you do too. And maybe I'm just really out of the music realm right now. But I have personally had this void in my life for a while where like, I hadn't found good alternative music like that feeds my soul in a while the way the older Evanescence music used to. So this leads us into why I'm so excited about our next artist. We got to interview I discovered Nihilist Abyss through a post on Instagram with a preview to her new song Necromancy and I was like, Whoa, what is this? I need more. So the more I went down the rabbit hole of Nihilist Abyss The more I was like, I need to share this with our ghoulsters her music has spooky vibes. But you can just tell she has this love for like spooky things too. And sure enough, it turns out her music is inspired by industrial elements and the soundtracks of horror movies. So Nihilist Abyss is a newcomer to the alternative music world her debut single Dark Days was released in August of last year 2019 and by December of that year, the song was included on Chicago music guides best of 2019 list. Her follow up single Mother Winter has also received airtime on Chicago radio, and this August of 2020. She released her new single Necromancy so today we have Cherice Cosentino from Nihilist Abyss here to talk about her music.

Ghoulster 49:59

And now let's give a Ghoulster welcome to the Cherice.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:06

Hi, Cherice, thanks for joining us today.

Cherice Cosentino 50:09

Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:11

So before we talk about your music today, we like to let our audience get a taste of our guests. Spooky tastes. Do you mind if we start with a round of spooky icebreakers?

Cherice Cosentino 50:20

I'm ready, let's do it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:22

Okay, what is your favorite horror movie soundtrack?

Cherice Cosentino 50:25

Oh, um, so The Shining just because you know, like that big synth brass is like a whole theme is awesome. It's like super imposing.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 50:35


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 50:36

Okay. Monster Mash or Thriller.

Cherice Cosentino 50:39

Thriller, because all right, so backstory on this one. When I was a kid, and I was like stumbling through the TV, I remember 8 million times accidentally somehow stumbling upon the thriller music video, probably through like VH1 one or like MTV, or whatever it was playing. And I was always really confused about it as a kid. I was like, is this a movie? Is this a music video? What is going on? But I think it stuck with me like forever. So I gotta go with Thriller.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 51:05

I think that's everybody's reaction. Like,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 51:07

I remember that too. That's awesome.

Cherice Cosentino 51:09

Yeah, like being like, partly intrigued by it. And also, like, partially terrified and really having like, no idea what's going on.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 51:16

Yeah. If you could cover one spooky song, what would it be?

Cherice Cosentino 51:21

One spooky song. Oh, I should have done my homework. One spooky song. Hold on. Let me think. Let's come back to that one.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 51:35


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 51:37

So Billy Eilish recently released her song for the new 007 movie, and I wanted to know if you were going to be writing a song and singing in a song. What horror franchise would you want to do it for?

Cherice Cosentino 51:52

What horror franchise? Um, so like in terms of like modern horror movies, I really loved the entire like Conjuring universe.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 52:01