S2, E6: Monster Mash

The Ghoul Mates dive in to all things monsters with Tess Llanos from Ongoing Comicbook Discussion Podcast!

vintage masks of monsters from Spirit Halloween

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Hey guys, before we start today's show, we want to talk about our Fight The Horror campaign. Today's episode is all about monsters. We want to make it clear that while we love horror and monsters, we are unfortunately experiencing true horror in our daily lives amid a global pandemic and political unrest. We ask that you please help us keep her where it belongs in the movies and not in our reality. The United States presidential election is one month away, we urge you to please do your research to make informed decisions and take action. If you need more information, please visit our Instagram story highlight called Vote. If you have seen our monster hand stickers and thought they are awesome, please remember that they signify peace and equality. As a reminder, a percentage of the proceeds from our Ghoulster Squad and above Patreon tiers in September and October will be donated to vote.org. We appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to read our Fight The Horror campaign, share it or have pledged to one of the tears benefiting our cause. We understand not all our listeners are in the United States. But we appreciate you taking the time to listen to this message today.

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Welcome Foolish Ghoulsters to the podcast that keeps the spirit of Halloween alive all year through pop culture and nostalgia. And now it's love at first fright with The Ghoul Mates.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:27

What's up guys? Welcome back to The Ghoul Mates.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:30

It's spooky time.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 1:32

You know what today's episode is. It's all about the Monster Squad. Today we have a super rad goal joining us Tess Llanos from the Ongoing Comic Book discussion podcast. But before that, Rudy, kick us off with some horror trivia.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 1:47

Yes, yes, let's jump into this horrific trivia. Oh, I think you'll get this one. What TV show remake is based on the 1985 movie starring Michael J. Fox as a high school basketball player.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:01

I have seen both of those Teen Wolf.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:03

Ding ding ding ding. You are correct.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:05

Okay, this one's super easy for you too who was the host in the Tales from the Crypt TV series?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:11

Who was the host?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:12


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:13

The cryptkeeper?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:14


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 2:15

He he he hee

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:18

Alright, Ghoulsters. We have a bit of

Ghoulster 2:21

Haunted Housekeeping

Ghost Hostess Mandy 2:22

to get through today. First and foremost, we wanted to say welcome to all of our new listeners. We have seen you guys trickling in on Instagram and we see those listens going up on our stats. So we just want to say thank you, we are so excited to have you joining our Ghoulster community. Our haunted house is your haunted house. Okay, and before I forget, I got to make a little note here that you guys might be noticing a little difference in our episodes moving forward, you might hear an F bomb or two. I think a lot of you are under the impression that we do not like cuss words. But most of you know me I am a total marketing nerd and I was under the impression that it would hurt our optimization somehow but of course are familiar came in, as usual did some research for me. And apparently it really doesn't hurt us that much. So moving forward, we will not be censoring or beeping the out of anything. Okay, that was our last warning for those of you listening with little vampires. We do have a couple Patreon updates. We have officially added exclusive virtual patron parties to the Ghoulster squad tier starting at $5. and above. And the Binx cat is officially out of the hat. Our first party theme will be Hocus Pocus. Of course, that is happening next Saturday, October 10. So if you want to get access to that party and meet all our official Ghoulsters Be sure to pledge@patreon.com/theghoulmates before then. If you are not able to pledge at this time, never fret. We just appreciate you listening and tuning in every week. We are still planning to do some YouTube Live parties in the near future.

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We have also added a note to our Beetleghouls tiers regarding ghoulster mail. So you guys know we are working really hard to bring you a unique experience with our Ghoulster mail and to be completely transparent. There are quite a few details that go into planning it that I was not expecting. So we just want to officially note that all first month pledges will only receive the original first month Ghoulster Mail welcome package with the that's photographed on the Patreon site, which includes the two monster hand stickers and the Beetlejuice inspired art print. Then beginning after that first month in the second month you'll be added to our sporadic Ghoulster Mail rotation. So for example, if you want the Halloween ghoulster Mail going now and did not pledge before October 1 you unfortunately will only be receiving the first set of ghoulster Mail but don't worry because we are sending out Surprise Ghoulster Mail throughout the year, December. So make sure you pledge soon if you want to get in on that. And final update. If you are not already subscribed on our YouTube, you might want to do that like yesterday, because we finally dropped our first hint at our spooky surprise on Instagram yesterday. And we are so excited that we are finally closer to sharing this with you guys. In the meantime, you are able to access all our podcast episodes directly on YouTube and we have a fun video of us Halloween hunting at Target Michaels and spirit Halloween that you can check out so I know we canceled Halloween news but today was just so fun for me. I can't contain it. The trailer for the new sequel to the craft was released and I had some thoughts. I shared it with our Ghoulsters in the discord server and oh my god, it was so much fun seeing everyone converse about it and it just made my heart so full.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 5:53

There's so much David Duchovny love it was pretty awesome.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 5:57

Okay, so I just wanted to share that you goals made our day a little brighter today and definitely brought me off my Moody Nancy pedestal after being a little taken aback by my first reaction to the trailer. Okay, but enough of that I'm actually super stoked to jump into today's episode. So some of you may already know today's guest Tess. But for those of you who don't know her, you are in for a treat. Tess llanos is the host of her podcast Ongoing Comicbook Discussion aka OCD Podcast. She has a great podcast for people who love comic books. But if you're new to comics don't despair. We especially love how welcoming her platform is for comic nerds of all levels. We especially wanted her to come on the show today because she has a spooky surprise she just launched yesterday on her podcast. So we wanted to give you ghoulsters a chance to hear all about it because I am personally freaking excited about it. So let's welcome Tess.

Ghoulster 6:54

And now lets give a Ghoulster welcome to Tess.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 7:01

Hi, Tess. Thanks for joining us today.

Tess Llanos 7:04

Hey guys. What's up, thanks for having me.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 7:07

We are so pumped. We're finally doing this with you. We met you a while back and the minute we heard your podcast, we were like this ghoul is just like us.

Tess Llanos 7:18

I don't even know how you guys found me. I don't know. It's just really serendipitous.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 7:22

Yeah, I think I think you might have liked one of our photos. And then I was like, Who's this girl with like the cool colors on her profile picture? And then it was history. From there. I guess. We were really excited to hear what you have planned for spooky season. So we wanted to give you a chance to share the exciting news with our Ghoulsters do you want to share more about your upcoming October series?

Tess Llanos 7:45

Yeah, yes. The answer's yes, I do want to share. Hi, I'm Tess I run a comic book podcast called Ongoing Comicbook Discussion Podcast. And I had this really kooky crazy idea way back in July to do 31 days of comic book horror in October. So from October 1st to October 31st. I am releasing an episode every single day. And I am reviewing a comic book a horror comic book or a horror movie based on a horror comic with a different guest and I've got so many fun, cool, awesome, unique guests. And I'm freakin stoked.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 8:25

We are stoked it is such a big project you took on and I'm like so in awe of it from like the creator side of it when you told me I was like, What do you mean? 31? we cannot keep up with our weekly ones. That's insane. And so we're just super excited about it. I'm looking forward to having something every October morning to keep me in the spirit.

Tess Llanos 8:50

Yeah, it'll be so fun. It'll be so fun. It's funny because like I'm a professional coordinator in real life and then I don't have any work so my mind's like, I must coordinate.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 9:01

that's why I did it. That's That's awesome. Um, so you know we celebrate Halloween every day here. So we have to ask you what is the spookiest comic you have come across so far?

Tess Llanos 9:12

I know a lot of comics now like a little horror a lot of horror comics. And they think about OCD, which is the acronym for the podcast is that I'm coming in this like real? Like, I don't really know a lot about comics. I'm only like two years into my comic journey. So like every single comic that we review, I've never read it before and my guest picks their comic book.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 9:32


Tess Llanos 9:32

Doing this 31 days of horror. I'm introducing new comics all the time and doing 31 comics. I found a lot of spooky ones. But I'd say it's a tie between I think it's Scott Snyder's Wytches. And and what was it Batman Arkham Asylum? Those were pretty freakin scary. You guys are Batman fans?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 9:57

Yes, we are!

Tess Llanos 9:58

Batman, Batman Arkham Asylum it's it's like, it's like imagine all of the the Batman's rogues gallery, and they're all in Arkham. And but they're like, it's the creepiest Joker I've ever seen. It's not like, Hey, we're the asylum and we're, we're crazy. It's like no. Welcome, It's a nightmare.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 10:17


Tess Llanos 10:18

Yeah, it's written by Grant Morrison. And it's just like an inside out Joker. And he like even the art. I can't remember who the artist is. But it's absolutely incredible. And it's just Batman kind of going through this journey through Arkham when the Joker is kind of his guide, and he meets all of the, you know, he meets. Gosh, that was so long ago when I recorded that, but it means a lot of people in the Batman's rogues gallery. And it's just creepy man.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 10:42

Yeah, it sounds creepy. We were talking today about how we, we've always like really wanted to get into comics. And Rudy especially like, I think he read them when he was younger. And so we'll find something and we'll buy it and we're like, we're gonna do it. We're gonna start this one. And then we're not gonna buy the second one until we read this one. And then it just never happens. So I don't know how you get through so many of them. But we will put that on our list because one day it will happen.

Tess Llanos 11:11

Yeah, I know. It's funny because a lot of people they recommend a lot of comics to me and I'm that I just celebrated. OCD just celebrated its first year. And so I would, I like had an have an ex- Excel spreadsheet where I will put all of the comics that everybody recommends. And now and then I started it started bleeding over into my phone and then it like, like text message notes, because like, so many people are like this one, and this one and this one. And now I'm at a point where I'm like, y'all, I have so many to read. Love you. But goodness, like so my list is so long, so totally feel you on that. And John, my husband and I, we have like a whole room dedicated and just like a whole wall of comics. And probably like 30% on there we bought because somebody recommended it and we're like we will get to this. We will.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 11:59

That's exciting, though. I'm sure eventually you will make it through each one eventually.

Tess Llanos 12:05

Yeah, hopefully.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 12:07

Yeah. That's pretty awesome. Um, I wanted to ask you, if you could be any horror comic book character, what would it be? Or who would it be?

Tess Llanos 12:16

Oh, any horror comic book character? None. Have you read a horror comic? They're terrible. They're scary. Um, I don't know. Um, shoot. Okay, here. How's this? Um, so for some of the days, um, alright, so some of the, let's see here. The Addams Family actually has a comic from the 30s 40s. And it was one panel comic, so that technically count, so I guess Morticia?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 12:48

That's right. We talked about that. Right. How it started on the New York Times.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 12:52

Oh, yeah. Is that the same one you're talking about? Or did they do another one?

Tess Llanos 12:56

No, that was the one. Single panel comics. Yeah.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 13:01

The newspape.? Yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:02

Great answer Tess.

Tess Llanos 13:05

I got around that one, because I'm looking at my list that we did. And I'm like, none. I don't wan to be anybody in there.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 13:12

They all get killed?

Tess Llanos 13:14

Yeah, it's like how would you like to be murdered? And I'm like, well shoot. Zero, zero ways.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 13:21

Okay, since Today's episode is about monsters, who's your favorite Universal Monster?

Tess Llanos 13:29

It would definitely have to be Frankenstein's monster, or Well, I do agree with Mandy though, Bride of Frankenstein. She's pretty dope too.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 13:37

Okay, so speaking of monsters, this episode is all about monsters. Do you happen to have any monster comics our Ghoulsters can look into if they want to explore the topic more?

Tess Llanos 13:47

Yes, speaking of Frankenstein, there's a book called Mary Shelley Monster Hunter that my husband and I are going to review on day three of 31 days of horror. And it's a spin on the Frankenstein that you think you know and instead of like Victor Frankenstein is Victoria Frankenstein. who's actually the the what he call it the doctor or whatever. Dr. Frankenstein? Frankenstein? Um, yeah, that's a cool one because it plays a lot on ghoul. Girl power. Ghoul power. I was just about to say ghoul power.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 14:20

Ghoul power? So does she hunt monsters? Or she is a monster?

Tess Llanos 14:27

She- Okay, she ends up I can't tell you Rudy!

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:30

and actually. Okay, I'm just gonna interrupt right now and say we can find out on tomorrow's episode of 31 Days of Horror.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 14:38

There you go. Okay.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:39

You said Episode three right? Okay.

Tess Llanos 14:42

Tune in tomorrow, Rudy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 14:44

Hold on to your seat, boo. On that note, I think that's the perfect segue into today's monster centric conversation. So just a little background for you, Ghoulsters. Tess and I have been getting to know each other behind the scenes and I freaking adore her. We are like spooky and nerdy soul sisters, as you can tell, so I thought we'd have her stay on for the rest of the episode so you could hear what a cool ghoul she is.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:14

Ooh, airy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:16

So as I always say sometimes the stars magically align and test bringing up the Monster Hunter comic is such a great segue into this cool little segment are familiar put together. And it's about the true story behind Frankenstein and Mary Shelley. Did you know it was true Tess?

Tess Llanos 15:36

Yeah, no, I knew it was true. Yeah, it's Mary Shelley, its her. Yeah. It's true, Boo.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:41

It is so true. I had no idea. I'm barely getting my feet back into the spooky world. So I had no idea. Did you know?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:50

I knew. Yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 15:51

Do you need Okay, how did me and Oscar not know that it was based on a true story?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 15:57

You always talk about like, all the horror stuff we talked about is based on true story. Why wouldn't this be?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 16:02

Ah, I guess that's true. I had no idea. I'm terrible with history. Okay, so for those of you who are unaware, like I was, here's a lesson in the real Frankenstein. So Frankenstein's monster is based on George Foster. He was convicted of murdering his wife and daughter in 1802. After their bodies were found drowned in a canal in London. He was executed by hanging in 1803. During this time in history, according to the murder act, from 1752 to 1832 people convicted of murder were to be hung and their corpse dissected. George Foster's body was dissected but was instead provided to Giovanni aldini to conduct an experiment. So, Dr. Frankenstein is based on Giovanni Aldini. Gio was the nephew of Luigi Galvani. And Galvani was an Italian physician and physicist physicist that developed a method of stimulating a deceased animals muscles, like frog legs, with an electrical current making them animate. Galvani believed if you stimulated the fluid that connects the nerves to the entire body, he could reverse the effects of death. This method was later referred to as Galvanism. This is a history lesson.

Tess Llanos 17:25

Well, okay, so I knew that okay, I knew that the Mary Shelley writing the Frankenstein story was true. I was like, Well, yeah, Mary Shelley wrote her names on the book, but I didn't realize that like the actual inspiration for the Frankenstein monster was true.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 17:38

Oh, okay. Now I don't feel as silly.

Tess Llanos 17:42

No, oh my gosh.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 17:44

Did you know then, Rudy?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 17:46

I knew about it. I've seen like, I mean, it wasn't captured on film. But I've seen experiments like that. And they're pretty terrible to see.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 17:57

Oh, you've seen the actual like,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 17:58

I've seen experiments where they bring like an animal's head back to life and stuff. Russian footage.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 18:05


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 18:05

Yeah terrible.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 18:07


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 18:08

Yeah, they've been doing it for a very long time trying to like put, like bringing people back from the dead.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 18:13

That's cray cray. Okay, so inspired by his uncle's finding Gio wanted to continue his experiments, Gio would start by using farm animals as test subjects, their heads would shake from side to side, eyes would open and their tongues would roll out of their mouths. Eventually, he got the idea to use the Galvanic method on a human corpse. So here's the Frankenstein experiment. In January of 1803. Gio doctors and other curious folks gathered in an operating theatre at Royal College in London, Gio connected one end of conducting rods to a battery and the other end of the rod to the face of George Foster. The muscles in the face started to move his jaw quivered, then one of his eyes opened. People watching these experiments were terrified. Some of them got up and left. Gio then took one of the rods and punctured the body. The corpse clenched its fist and the arm swung in the air. It seemed like the body was brought back to life since George's back was arching and his legs were kicking and slamming into the metal operating table.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 19:21

That's fucked up.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 19:24

This terrified even more onlookers, some screaming and running out of the theater. Eventually, the battery ran out of juice and the experiment came to a close. One of the doctors who was responsible for securing the body was said to have died from his experiment after returning home. He was so shocked and terrified of what he had witnessed that it led him to have a heart attack.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 19:45

Dang. Did you know that his body coming back to life inspired the actual dance for thriller?

Tess Llanos 19:54

No get out of here!

Ghost Hostess Mandy 19:58

She already knows you

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 20:01

Your face you're like, really?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 20:03

You hadn't gotten me in a really long time.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 20:05

It's true. Okay, so here's a little bit about Mary Shelley. So the reason we all came to know about this is because Mary Shelley, the original author of Frankenstein, was the daughter of one of Gios friends at the time these events. At the time of these events, she was just a child. When she grew older she took this tale she heard as a young girl and wrote the book Frankenstein, it is said that the doctor, it is said that Dr. Victor Frankenstein's appearance and mannerisms were inspired directly from Gio.

Tess Llanos 20:40

And then they invented TV and people stopped doing stupid experiments. Found better things to do is what people do when they're bored. They're like, I know. I'm gonna bring back the dead.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 20:52

Let's, let's plug my finger into this socket. See what happens.

Tess Llanos 20:56

Yeah, exactly.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 20:58

All right. So that is the history of Frankenstein. So now that we know about the origins of Frankenstein, let's jump into one of my all time favorite movies, the Monster Squad. So here's a little bit of background on the movie, The movie was created as a tribute to the classic Universal monsters. However, Universal monsters passed on producing the film and eventually TriStar picked it up. It premiered on August 14, 1987, and was get this only in theaters for two weeks. It was a total flop. And critics were not impressed to say the least. But what's crazy is it went on to become a major cult classic with fans like me.

Tess Llanos 21:41

You know, what's crazy about that was the 80s there wasn't tons of movies, so they would kind of stay up a lot longer than they should. So after two weeks being pulled, that's pretty crazy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 21:53

Makes me sad. That's pretty sad.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 21:55

But it's a it's a good movie. You know what actually came out at the same time? I think it was Masters of the Universe came out the same week. The He-Man Movie.

Tess Llanos 22:06

The He-Man Movie?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 22:07

Yeah. So they were competing with that too.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 22:10


Tess Llanos 22:12

Comics rule again. Is that a comic?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 22:16

I think it's a I think it's an animated cartoon, but I don't think it's a com. I'm sure there's a comic but I don't think it started off as a comic.

Tess Llanos 22:25

Okay, I know that. Have you ever seen the toys that made us of He-Man?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 22:29

Um, yeah, long time ago. I just don't remember it.

Tess Llanos 22:32

Yeah, well, you ain't got nothing then.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 22:37

Okay, so for those of you who haven't seen the movie, there will be spoilers. I warned you guys for two episodes now. So the movie is basically about a group of kids who form a club called Monster Squad and the only way to get in is to pass a monster test. So lo and behold Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy, The Gill-man and Werewolf come to their town in search of a magic amulet. So who you gonna call?

Tess Llanos 23:02

Ghost! Oh wait? Monster Hunter!

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 23:07

Monster Squad!

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:09

Okay, so, as usual, I have a lot of thoughts on this movie. But since Tess is our guests, I want to give you a chance to go first and talk about your history of the movie. Had you ever seen it?

Tess Llanos 23:21

I saw it a long time ago. Pros used to be on Hulu, I think and I think it used to be for free on YouTube. I saw It's cute. It's like Okay, I'm gonna put this in the background while I'm putting up my Halloween decor. It's not like it's not like you Come off it being like, Dude, that was legendary. You're like, all right, I saw some Dracula, and I saw that little girl in it is so stinking cute.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:48


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 23:48

What did she say? Stop being?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:50

Chicken shit?

Tess Llanos 23:52

I wrote it down. Yeah. She's like, Come on. Don't be chicken shit.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 23:58

I love that you like re-did it like her.

Tess Llanos 24:01

I have to God. It's so cute. I can't really Come on. Don't be chicken shit. So only for the little girl voice but yep.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 24:10

And what about you? Oh,

Tess Llanos 24:12

yeah, no, it was great.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 24:13

No, go, go ahead.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 24:14

Yeah, finish your thought.

Tess Llanos 24:16

Um, I don't really have to many thoughts. Except for the inn scene was my favorite when the sisters like, like, you're not actually a virgin, are you? And she's like, no, cuz whatever his name doesn't count. He's like, stupid!

Ghost Hostess Mandy 24:29

Well, I love I thought that the kids reaction was so great. He's like, doesn't count? Okay, Rudy, what about you? Had you ever heard of Monster Squad?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 24:42

So I hadn't heard about Monster Squad until I met you. And I thought you were making it up. Or it was like some kind of weird B movie that I had never seen. But I was just shocked that I had never seen it before. When I first saw it with you. I was like, How come I've never seen this movie like I've seen tons and tons of movies like so. That you've never even heard of, and just wouldn't just slip slip by the cracks. You know? Um, I did like the monsters they were cool like that tons of one liners that I loved. What else? I don't know. It was just, it was like it remind me of like The Goonies but with the monsters.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:19


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 25:19

It's like a group of kids are going on this adventure to like save the world or save their community. And they like run into these monsters because the monsters the obstacles in the movie.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:29

Right. Yeah, so my experience with it, and I guess hearing you guys talk about it. It's kind of like, Okay, well, I saw it as a kid for the first time. So maybe that's why it was life changing to me.

Tess Llanos 25:41

Oh yeah, yeah yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 25:42

So I was a kid and I don't even know how my mom even got the movie because it's not like she's like one of those spooky moms that like showed me everything Halloween, but I loved Hocus Pocus, which everybody knows. And I think Monster Squad was kind of like my upgrade into horror like, Oh, she can handle the monsters now. So once I saw it, the rest was history. Like I just loved it. Every Halloween it became like Hocus Pocus and Monster Squad. And then I went a while without seeing it until we went to Alamo Drafthouse. So, have you heard about Alamo Drafthouse Tess?

Tess Llanos 26:20

Yeah. Do they have that in Arizona?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 26:22

They do. And I think it actually started in Texas,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 26:26

Austin. Yeah.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 26:27

Oh, yeah. Alamo duh. Well that's San Antonio.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 26:30

That's San Antonio.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 26:31


Tess Llanos 26:34

Not a history major, guys. Leave her alone.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 26:39

So okay, so a few years ago, they had a 30th anniversary event for the movie. And so for those of you who aren't familiar with Alamo Drafthouse, it's this like really cool movie theater. And they have movie events and movie parties. So they'll show like nostalgic movies. And they'll have parties where you can like actually sing along and say the quotes out loud, and they give you cool little souvenirs. And so they had an actual event for the 30th anniversary, and Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert and Ashley Bank, which are Sean, the little sister, Phoebe and Rudy. So maybe that's why I like you. Were at the screening, and they did a cool Q&A and gave out some signed posters. And I just have to say that that was like a dream come true for me because I got to see the movie, like in a theater because when I saw it as a kid, it was like at home wasn't a big deal. So seeing it on the big screen. eating my popcorn was really cool. So what was it like for you, Rudy, being surrounded by like, hardcore fans watching it for the first time.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 27:48

It was cool. I mean, when you get to meet the people that were in these films, it's always cool to hear like the behind the scenes stuff and what they did after. So it was just interesting to like, just hear their stories. I didn't even know there was a character named Rudy until that day. So that was exciting, I guess. Yeah, I thought it was cool. I know that Alamo Drafthouse, they have all these really cool events. And I just appreciate that they bring all these you know, old movies back to the theater, so you can appreciate them again, and kind of get an insight into like, how it was made. And like, what, what they did to make it so popular. And like, how that magic came alive to like, make you feel that way. Like when you're older.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:38


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 28:39

Yeah, it was cool.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 28:41

Test. Do you have any secondary thoughts watching it your second time?

Tess Llanos 28:46

Uh, you know, I have a lot of thoughts. Um, I like that. I don't know. I like the bad boy in it. I like the I like the kids in it. I think they're cool. Um, I don't know. It wasn't like, it wasn't like Hocus Pocus where I'm like omg you know, I keep saying that, but that's just the truth. Yeah, but it's cute. It's cute especially like the the army guys that come in at the end. And I was like, Wait, what? Yeah, it's not that there was like, like, universal monsters that were weird enough. But then there's like the army guys that come in and that's what actually surprised me. I was like, wait, the army actually responded to this child.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 29:25

This child handwritten note. You brought that up. I did like some some side research because people really liked our Beetlejuice original script notes that are familiar put together. And so I found some notes about that and I feel like this would this scene probably would have made you love the movie. So in the original script, the opening scene was supposed to be Van Helsing laying siege to Dracula's castle on an airship with machine guns and 40 vampire brides would race out riding horses to meet him.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 30:04

Dang that's hard work.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 30:05

Here's the funny part. The only reason it was out of the question is because it was the first five minutes of the movie and it would have cost 100 million dollars.

Tess Llanos 30:15

Thank god they didn't do that because it was out of the theater in two weeks, they would have blowed budget completely.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 30:21

They would've, it would have given them an extra week guaranteed with that opening sequence.

Tess Llanos 30:27

Okay, maybe you're right, maybe you're right.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 30:29

Okay, so a few additional notes. Uh Rudy and I have gone back and forth about this for so long since we discovered or since he discovered the movie about whether or not they were the actual Universal monsters, because they're so similar, but it's not called Universal monsters. So what happened was, I kind

Tess Llanos 30:51

Universal Monster Squad,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 30:52

The Universal Studio Monster Squad.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 30:56

So I kind of explained that the studios didn't Universal Studios did not want to pick it up. So the visual effects team and the create the creature designers had to get super creative to make sure they didn't infringe on copyrights of the Universal monsters. So did you guys figure out what those differences were to keep them from infringing on the copyrights?

Tess Llanos 31:17

I know one.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:18


Tess Llanos 31:19

It's Dracula didn't rise out of a coffin. He was a bat.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:24

Oh, that's a good observation, Tess.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:27

Dang, that's pretty good. I think I'm done. I'm retired. I'm out of here here.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:35

What are yours Rudy? You caught on right away. I was like-

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:39

I think the Wolf Man is one like, the Wolf Man in this movie doesn't have a snout has like a regular person's nose.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 31:48

Mm hmm.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:48

So that's one.

Tess Llanos 31:49


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:49


Tess Llanos 31:50

I didnt even realize that.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 31:52

I actually thought they were just lazy and didn't want to do a prosthetic like snout. But I just figured, oh, wait, they can't infringe on the character and the has to be a parody. So let's just not give him a snout. Which made the character weird.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:05

You're not gonna be able to unsee it Tess. Now that he told you.

Tess Llanos 32:08

No, no, I gotta go back. Oh my gosh, I hope it's like, oh my gosh, that's just an eye. That's my nose. Like, is it? Is it like a just a regular human nose? No, yeah, I didn't even I don't look at it. Look at the nose.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:19

Yeah it's just a face and like hair. It's like Teen Wolf without the nose. He's like a like a pug?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:25


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:27

He's like a pug werewolf hybrid I don't know.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:30

Okay, so it was that and then Frankenstein? Of course, his.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:33

That's right.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:35

What are they even called? little screws?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:37

Oh, yeah. his bolts.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:39

His bolts are in a different location. And they use

Tess Llanos 32:42


Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:42

The I'm sorry. What did you say?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 32:46

Did you say the werewolf?

Tess Llanos 32:47

I said Seriously? Like that, like it's that much where they're like, Oh, we changed the bolt location. So there for, its not copyright.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 32:56

Okay. So it was that and then I think the way they brought him back too. Right, because they use. Didn't they use like lightning?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:04

They used.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:05

What did they use?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:05

They used an iPod. They put a headphones into his head.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:09

That is what it looked like.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:14

And then they played the YouTube song that they put on. Everybody's like iPhone and woke him up.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:20

The standard. That's right, I forgot about that. Wasn't it a whole a whole,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:25

Like a whole album? Like what's going on here? No, they It was like a it was like Dracula's cane that had like wires connected to it and use himself as a conductor and brought him to life, randomly. There's like a, there was no storm around and then like there's lightning. I don't know where like, where'd that lightning come from?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:47

Yeah. Well, that's part of Dracula's magnificence.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 33:52


Ghost Hostess Mandy 33:54

Okay, and then so that's it for. No, no, actually, I wanted to say that. The only thing that stuck out to me was how tiny the mummy was.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:04

Oh, yeah, the mummy was pretty skinny.

Tess Llanos 34:06

Yeah, don't judge.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:06

Um, so no no, but sorry. There's a note on that. So they put out an ad for the casting role. And it said, looking for an extremely thin actor on the verge of anorexia.

Tess Llanos 34:24


Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:25

Yes, that's what the ad for the casting was.

Tess Llanos 34:30

That would not fly today. Wow.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:32

Yeah, it was pretty crazy. And so the the guy, I should have taken his name sorry. He saw the ad and he was like, oh my god that's me. He went and they made him like act out a few scenes and they were like, you got the job.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:49

and then he passed out from hunger.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 34:52

So sad.

Tess Llanos 34:53

They wrapped him too tight, Rudy.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 34:54

They had to carry him to the audition.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:02

Okay, so Okay, so here was another really cool thing. I thought this was so cute. Um, so the actors who played Dracula and Frankenstein's monster never broke character in front of the kids.

Tess Llanos 35:17


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:18

Very cool.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:18

So, but Dracula took it a step further because you know, the scene at the end of the movie when he grabs Phoebe by the chin.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:25


Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:25

So he made sure that A. he never she never saw him with his red eye contacts.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:32

Off? Like he always had them on?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:35

He always had them off, I think,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:37


Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:37

So when they turn red. It was even scarier. Ah, I think. And then she never saw his fangs.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 35:43


Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:44

So, and they never told her what he was gonna do to her.

Tess Llanos 35:49

Mm hmm.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 35:50

So there were like, there's gonna be a scene. It's kind of mean, right? Like as a kid? I'd be traumatized.

Tess Llanos 35:57

Yes, if that was my kid. I'd be like, no, that's not happening to my child.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:01

Yeah, so they didn't they told her. Something's gonna happen where you need to scream and she's like, how will I know I need to scream? And they're like, you'll know.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:10

You'll know.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:10

So that reaction is like 100% real like, she had no idea that they were gonna do that.

Tess Llanos 36:19

It makes me hate the movie now.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:21

I know. I'm telling you like nothing but things you don't agree with.

Tess Llanos 36:26

I know.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:28

A lot of that stuff kind of happens though. Like in Suicide Squad. Jared Leto's Joker like he was in character the whole time. And he pulled pranks on people on the set.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:38

Oh, thats right.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:39

And messed with people.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:39

Didn't he send someone like a dead

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:41


Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:41

Rat? Yeah. Oh.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:44

fucking crazy guy.

Tess Llanos 36:46

That's why he's not the Joker anymore, Rudy.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 36:48

He's like, No, I'm done.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:51

Or they're done.

Tess Llanos 36:52


Ghost Hostess Mandy 36:54

Okay, so I kind of wanted to talk a little bit about why I love the movie so much other than it was like my upgrade from Hocus Pocus. So my favorite part of the movie is the relationship between Phoebe and Frankenstein's monster.

Tess Llanos 37:11

Yeah, that was really sweet. I like that part.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 37:15

Yeah, I didn't connect it until like, very recently, someone had asked me about it. And then I was like, I don't know. I am so obsessed with Frankenstein. And then I started talking about Monster Squad. And I was like, holy crap. That's where it all started. I always loved her relationship with him because like, everyone was afraid of him. And like, the boys didn't trust her. They were like, she's a little kid. Like, what does she know? And she's the one like making friends with the monster.

Tess Llanos 37:44

I know.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 37:45

So I love that relationship. And I'm not even gonna lie. Like every time I see the movie, I like cry when he leaves when he has to go. He's like, bye bye. Like it's like she's losing her puppy.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:03

I want him to yell bogus. Did you did you notice Frankenstein the when he first appears where he's at where he meets her?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 38:17


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:19

Like, you know where you see that too?

Tess Llanos 38:22

Where Gilmore Girls?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:24

Oh, God. Okay, I'm done for real.

Tess Llanos 38:26

No, there's a swamp and I couldn't remember what the studio was, thought it was the Gilmore Girls.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:33


Tess Llanos 38:34

Where Rudy? Tell us.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:36

It appears in the- not the exact same one but appears in the in the original Frankenstein movie.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 38:44


Tess Llanos 38:44


Master of Scaremonies Rudy 38:44

Because he meets a little girl and he throws her in the river or in the lake.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 38:48

That's right, because when I saw the movie with you, I was like, oh my god. It's like, in Monster Squad. I have terrible memory. You're like no Monster Squad is like this one.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:01

Gilmore Girls, get out of here.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:03

He gets mad.

Tess Llanos 39:04

There's a lake on Gilmore Girls right Mandy?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:07

Yes. Luke goes fishing there.

Tess Llanos 39:10

Okay, Rudy.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:13

I told you she was just like me. All right. So did we have any other thoughts on the movie?

Tess Llanos 39:21

This babe is major.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:24

Oh yeah. I'm in the club aren't I? I'm in the damn club aren't I. Then we have like some of the best one liners. I'll tell you that one. You hold the nards one is pretty good. Yeah,

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:41

Kick him in the nards.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:41

Kick him in the nards.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 39:44

It's even better when they say whoa, Wolfman's got nards.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 39:49

The fat kid at the end with a shotgun. He's like, my name is Leroy, whatever his name is then he wracks the shotgun I was like oh shit. And then The Rudy the random kid making bullets in shop class in high school, like what is going on here? like nobody's supervising this kid that smoking in class and making bullets.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 40:13

You mean, that's not what you did?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:15

Where is the teacher or your parents?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 40:19

You are getting so old, Boo.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:24

Like 20 years ago, would've been like, hey, the guy's just vibin.

Tess Llanos 40:30

You'd be like, knows that those would look better than mine. Yeah, cuz, I mean, they had those molds like they had bullet molds. Like what? Yeah, for sure.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:41

Oh, yeah, that was pretty funny.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 40:42

And then I think you also commented about how you're like, I can't believe this movies. PG-13.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 40:48

Yeah. Because there's like a lot of, um, I think what they say they use a lot of derogatory terms to gay people.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:00

Oh, yeah.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:01

Which was like, Well, I mean, it's the 80s and it was like, you know, okay, back then. It's not okay. Now. I mean, it's never been okay. And then like, there's like, I think that Rudy, he blackmails the hot girl with a topless photo. I'm like, dude.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:19

Yeah, and I don't think bitch isn't a curse word, but I thought it was like, ugly when he tells Phoebe like, give me the amulet, you bitch. I'm like,

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:29

Yeah, I'm like whoa bro, even though we know what happened here, the other monsters were like, Whoa.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:36

Too far.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:37

Too far bro. Let's jsut the amulet and get the hell out of here. Just chill out. I'm sorry, Tess.

Tess Llanos 41:42

You've been in Monster Squad therapy. Poor girl.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 41:48

All right. Well, I'm very sorry that you guys were not like super into this movie.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 41:53

I like the movie. I want to see it again. It's just that I didn't know anything about it until I met you, which is pretty cool. You're still discovering it.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:05

Okay, so I guess that wraps up our conversation on the Monster Squad. Tess, are you ready to be our first guest on our

Ghoulster 42:14

Fables from our Familiar.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:16


Tess Llanos 42:18

Im so ready for this.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:21

Alright, guys, you know are familiar, never disappoints On a related story. So this one was of course inspired by one of the Universal monsters and you might remember we mentioned it back in season one the

Ghoulster 42:34

Fables from our Familiar.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 42:35

Is about werewolves in Mexico. Earlier this year in early April, locals in Coita, Chiapas, Mexico were terrorized for a week with howling noises, and something they described as a two meter tall, wolf like creature. For over a week, there were sightings of these creatures. Some people would even see a group of two to three of these werewolves together. Authorities were called and they saw the creatures on rooftops leaping over two meter high fences in a single jump. So this story is a little different, because are familiar was able to track a series of tweets from Saul Zenteno, you can look it up, look him up on twitter @SaulZenteno the tweets were in Spanish so this is a summary and not a direct translation of the thread. On April 10, this year around 11pm. So all started to tweet the entire town had not slept for two nights because of fear of a werewolf in the town of Coita. This night, the media reported that there were shots being fired into the air and people hearing loud noises. Then a local parish tried to calm the citizens without reference to the subject of werewolves directly, but they suggested placing a candle outside their homes for peace of mind.

Tess Llanos 43:52

Where was the candle for though? Peace of mind?

Ghost Hostess Mandy 43:55

Yeah, like to kind of keep the werewolves away I guess.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 43:58

It's kind of like good luck charm to ward off

Ghost Hostess Mandy 44:02

Like maybe they'll go away see someone's there with the light there. So I was kind of like a PR version of the situation in Mexico. Like they didn't want to say, Oh, we heard there's werewolf you. We know you think there's werewolves but put a candle outside just in case so they were just like, Oh, we know there's noises but don't be alarmed, but just in case put a candle out there. By approximately 11:30, that night, rumors started in a nearby city that a Nahual which is a human that can shape shift into an animal had turned into a coyote or wolf. More rumors and sightings started to pop up in Ocuilapa de Juarez. The villagers claimed they had seen it but said it was harmless that it isn't howling but looking for food. At this point, allegedly some people were trying to find it and kill it while some were defending it saying it was harmless. Saul analyzed news reports and guessed that the Wolf Man came from a nearby forest or jungle. Around 11:45. He said that the destruction of the forests had forced the werewolf to move closer to the urban area. To give some perspective, in 1938, the forest was declared a Forbidden Zone.

Tess Llanos 45:14

Sounds like the village.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:15

Yeah. I agree.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:17

I've never seen it. So the village is about werewolves.

Tess Llanos 45:22

Can't tell. Mandy, you would like that one. You'd like that movie? It's not that bad. Not that scary, I should say.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:29

So I think that the werewolves are more likely to be real. Versus ghosts. But I don't think either of them are real.

Tess Llanos 45:40

Shape shifting people are more real than ghosts

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:43

Than ghost?

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:44

No werewolves. Not well, not shape shifting, but like giant wolves.

Ghost Hostess Mandy 45:49

Oh, okay. So like, two feet walk in wolves? Yeah.

Master of Scaremonies Rudy 45:57

Let me explain. Because, yeah, so i think that i think it's like, I want to say it's like 30% of the planet. 30% of the planets, animals have been discovered. So there's a lot of animals out there and documented.