Love at First Fright

The Ghoul Mates™ keep the spirit of Halloween alive all year

through pop culture and nostalgia.


Ghost Hostess Mandy and Master of Scaremonies™ Rudy fell in love while strolling the aisles of Spirit Halloween in 2015. Just like Frankenstein's legendary couple, sparks flew and the chemistry was undeniable.


Don't believe it? See it for yourself!


Through a shared passion for Halloween and the perfect combination of professional experience, The Ghoul Mates™ have created a

high-quality production experience for their Ghoulster™ community. From the introduction to their podcast to the lighting in their YouTube videos to their choice of words, Rudy and Mandy curate every piece of spooky content.


Your Instagram feed has never looked spookier.

The Ghoul Mates

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